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Bit of a random one here but, does anyone know much about sheffield?

I have just been accepted onto a uni course at Sheffield Hallam and was wondering if anyone had any advice on where is a decent area to live in sheffield, what the night life is like and most importantly how long it takes to get to liverpool:- both by car and train.


any advice from anyone in the know would be much appreciated



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I go to Sheffield Uni (theres a lot of rivalry between our PROPER uni and Hallam!!!)


Sheffields a great city to be a student dead cheap, great nightlife, easy to get everywhere and the people are lovely.


Takes 2 hours to drive or on train from Liverpool


Like Mark says anything else you want to know just pm me!

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cheers. have sent you a PM but only just seen you posted here.


When i went up for the open day i did think that sheffield seemed like a really nice city but thought id see if i could get any inside info on here.


And i dont mind a bit of rivalry between the two uni's:- it was the same at my first university in canterbury where there are two uni's.


Im not really doing the proper "university" thing this time (living in halls and all that stuff) this time around as i have already been to uni before and i will now be doing my Masters now so kind of need to concentrate and work a little hareder when i did my first degree.



oh yeah, what you studying at uni?

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