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Rooney Money


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I was thinking the same thing.


It says that if Rooney still there at the end of June then Everton get £3m.


Wouldn't surprise me if the deal involving Howard got rid of some of the extras to come to us.


Most prob the 25% sell on fee has gone now as well.

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The Howard deal is definately going to be included in these figure, but so what can't expect United to give us players for nothing.


If becasue we have this ongoing 'financial arrangment' with Man U - and maybe thats not such a bad thing in my opinion.


If we are currently getting first refusal for United cast offs (for what of a better term) becasue of the Rooney money still owed then thats not a bad thing.


We know we have Howard come to the club through this route, and I think he has been a great bit of business and good value for money. Maybe Nellive coming here was also help by the deal we have with United. If this is the case then our squad has only benefited so far.


So as well as getting a fee for Rooney - it how means we have a close relationship with United in the transfer market - Which is not a bad thing. Love them or hate them, better being on side with them if they are looking to release players - just good business.


I think we all knew we would get an extra few quid if United won silverware with Rooney at the club (at least over the short term).


If United win the treble and we get £1.65M out of it - I know who I will be cheering on when Unitied play Chelsea in May. No skin of my nose who wins what - if Everton aren't in the equation.


£1.65M, it all helps.


Now with hindsight, I think that selling Rooney for £20M fee plus these ongoing add ons has been good for Everton. Geneally, Moyes and the club have used this money wisly over the last couple of years and we are now starting to reap the benefits.


We are a team that goes out expecting to win- rather than a team that goes out hoping we don't lose.

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