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Bruce Lalombongo?

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From the Mirror


Everton boss David Moyes is ready to win the race to sign Swiss prospect Bruce Lalombongo, beating Real Madrid to his signature.


who he ? anybody know anything about him?


Only think I have seen is that he players for the Swiss under 17's and has scored a few goals at that level.

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Have no problem at all in bringing in decent youngster - the more the marrier in my opinion.


-They are cheap to bring to the club (basically in todays market all but free)

-Wages are next to nothing

-The more diverse and improved quality of youngster brought in, the more ones already here have to raise - there game, and they can all learn of each other.

- If they don't cut the mustard you just release them

- If they prove to be good player then can really improve the first team squad for very little cost

- or can generate decent transfer fees if sold - which is basically profit for improving the squad in different areas.


For a club in or finacial circumstances then developing the very best young player from all over the world has to be a priority in my opinion. As its an area where comparative very little outlay can yeaild huge dividends both on and off the pitch.

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we must be getting all the youngsters we can for the new academy at finch farm. more youngsters can learn things and get tips of the first team. which is all but good for thier development


someone told me that the current academy is a portacabin in a field and they sometimes travel to bellefield.

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also saw on foxons link that we was linked to koumas, dont want him hes utter shite.


You serious? Everytime I have seen Koumas be it with West Brom or Wales against Northern Ireland in Belfast, he has looked very good, even go as far as different class in the game in Belfast.


Depending on price he would be a very good squad player.


Everyone on here is going on about the shite we are being linked with, but so far depending on cost everyone really could be seen as back-up, which is what we lack.


We NEED a squad if we are to compete in the League and Europe.


The only ones we have been linked that I am not getting too excited over are... Parnaby (not good enough) Vranjes & Alfonso Alves (never seen them play)


But realistically I would be delighted if we got Fernandes, Nugent and possibly McSheffrey.


Then use the remaining budget on squad players.

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