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O Fuck


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This story has been posted elsewhere and I repeat what I've said there...


Completely stupid if they try to do something about it now. It was common knowledge...if there was a problem all they had to do was call the club/s and say "You're not allowed to do that."


If we'd have done it on the sly and faked an injury then fair enough but if the FA try to take action now they'll make themselves look like idiots (though I say again, I thought all along it was wrong).


Anyone who thinks there was any match fixing between Ferguson and Moyes or anyone else needs to check into their local psychiatric facility as soon as possible.

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it was in the press a week before the man u game that howard was not going to play becuase of this clause surely the PL would have been in contact over the transfer as there as been lots of publicity over transfers in the passed and everton have always been clean so i dont think we have much to worry about

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