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End Of Season Awards


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Anyone watching this on Everton TV...it's a good watch.


Faddy v Charlton-Goal of the Season


Joleon Lescott-Players player of the year (agreeing with us!)


James Vaughan-Young player of the Year


Mikel Arteta-Player of the Year


Got no problem at all with Arteta getting player of the year....he's been the outstanding flair player and is the obvious choice, but I think we can, as a group of Evertonians, be quite pleased that our choice matches up with that of the players. Proves that our title "...for the thinking Evertonian" is well merited. So take a moment to be just a little bit smug lads (and lasses) B) .

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I really want to subscribe to Everton TV. Just dont have the money at the moment. I am glad though to see Arteta win player of the year. He definitely deserves it and hopefully it will make him feel even more comfortable here at Everton.

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well it was between Mikel and Lescott but imo Mikel has times in games where he seems to go all shy Lescott is a center half and flys up the left wing at any time possible, and will then get back and make a tackle thats why I would say Lescott, he is been so versitile and so solid defense wise.

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I was luck enough to go last night!


It was just amazing getting to meet everyone. Every one was so friendly aswell. Could not see AJ anywhere about although he was there! Got my photo taken with mikel and his cup, mcfadden, BT, Joleone, Keith Wyness and everyone!


Gotta say though by the end of the night Ossie and Naysmith were a bit merry lets say!


Great day!


who else would offer this!


Peoples Club 4 Ever!

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