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Mls Salaries

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Good grief that's dreadful....not just the players but the MacDonalds salary amazes me. On minimum wage over here the worst you can legally be paid for a thirty-seven and a half hour week is well over $20,000 (over $17,000 aged 18-21, just under $13,000 at 16 & 17). No wonder you hear of Americans doing two jobs to make ends meet!

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Our minimum wage levels don't vary by age of the worker, but they do vary by location. Individual states and even cities have the power to set a minimum wage over and above the federally mandated level ($5.15/hr), and many have done so. At least 29 of the 50 states are over it, with the state of Washington currently the highest ($7.93/hr), and some cities go higher than that. In Santa Fe, New Mexico, for instance, the minimum wage is $9.50 per hour (very close to the adult minimum wage level in the UK), and in San Francisco it's $9.14 per hour.

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