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its a ridiculous article mate


"EFC can't get a sniff of help from our Council. This alone makes it imperative that EFC stay within the city, just to stick it to those self-interested councillors. "


Yeah lets all go fight an uphill battle hey, after all why would we want to move under a council that would want to help us in any way they can, and instead lets stay where we are and fight legal battles for the next 5 yrs to try get permission to build anywhere, who cares if its to the detriment of the club, at least we got to show the V sign to mr council worker hey.


"Maybe EFC will get trapped in a falling apart Goodison. So what's new? It's been a tip for years now, and yet Everton continue in the top flight"


This guy seriously has no ambition.


Its the poorest 'Vote No' article i have read. if that has any infulence on votes then god help us.


dont get me wrong, im not slating the "Vote No" aspect.

its just i have no time for non-factual arguments made. There are some excellent articles on genuine reasons to move to an alternative site instead of Kirkby. Some aspects i do wholeheartedly agree with - although im still in favour of going.


Its just that particular atricle is utter nonsense, and sounds like the ramblings of a bitter schoolkid.

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