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Borrowed on over the weekend, only got wii sport, but its pretty good so Ive ordered one for me daughter for chrimbo (and me)


Personal fave is the tennis


Anybody recomend any good games for it (and can you get dodgy games copies wink wink pm pm )

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Wii play is a winner as you get a free controler with it ;)


Also Zelda is a great game, and just when you think you have completed it...the story continues.


Been told tiger woods is pretty damn good for it too.


Fifa 08 will be out for it soon too, also a new pad that goes around your foot for the footy games

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Depends what games you like to play.


Games are better on the 360 and PS3 but then they are also a lot more expensive.


Wii is a great laugh and Tiger woods 08 is a great game for it if you like golf.


Meant to be a propper tennis game out on it soon. Smooth Move is good as well for the kids and on WII play as someone else said you get a second controller for it

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Thanks for the tips, shes only 9, does even know what an xbox or ps3 is, I like the wii becasue its a bit more interactive and a laugh jumpin around with the controller, I can understand the serious gamer wanting a ps3 though



Is Zelda like a fighting warior platform game


P.s aI know jack shit about games

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