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1970's Culture (questions)


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This is a pointless exercise but I've got to amuse myself somehow.

The Q's below are mainly of significance to those that remember the 1970's.


Not exclusive that you swung one way or the other but most of us from that era had a preference. What was yours?


1- Tiswas OR Muti-Coloured Swap-Shop?

2- Grandstand with Frank Bough OR World of Sports with Dickie Davies?

3- Radio City OR Radio Merseyside?

4- The blonde OR the brunette from Abba?

5- Headers and Volleys OR 'Wembley' OR 2 touch?

6- Gerald Sinstadt OR Brian Moore?

7- The Dandy OR The Beano?

8- Roy of the Rovers OR Billys Boots?

9- Subbuteo OR Striker?

10-Giant Haystacks or Big Daddy?

11-Bruce Forsythe OR Larry Grayson.


Me? well 1-Swap Shop. 2-Grandstand. 3-Radio City. 4-The Blonde. 5-Headers and Volleys. 6-Tough one..er, Gerald I think.

7-Liked both..maybe Beano but couldnt stand Corky the Cat. 8-Billys Boots. 9-Again both good but probably Striker. 10-Definitely Giant Haystacks. Big Daddy looked like he might have smelled funny. 11-Deffo Brucie.


Well that fucking wasted 5 minutes of my life!

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Dserves at learst one response...


1...Was just a few years too old for either.

2...Grandstand, no question'

3...Neither, local radio didn't hit my neck of the woods til the 80's


5...Headers & Volleys...."3 and in" in the 60's

6...Sinstadt, anyone but Moore....Big Match was regionalised and Moore was always London main match. Starved of Everton footie back then!


8...Billy's Boots


10..Haystacks....but he was never allowed to beat Shirley.

11..Would have gladly put both in a weighted sack and thrown them in the nearest cess-pool. But Forsythe, if I have to choose.

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