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The Sh*ts Could Really Hit The Fan!

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'...Premier League chiefs will today announce a probe into corruption — and Eriksson will be called as a star witness and asked to name the clubs under oath.


Eriksson spent seven hours at Soho Square with FA chief executive Brian Barwick and the Compliance Unit after fresh revelations in the Fake Sheik scandal.


He and his agent Athole Still named names when speaking to an undercover reporter for the News of the World. But for legal reasons the paper did not publish them.


Barwick and the compliance unit wanted to know what evidence was available to back up the claims of corruption when they met yesterday....'


If managers are named and a probe is launched then there could be trouble ahead!!!


Souness is one of my favs to be a named Prem manager - allegedley. he just looks the type!!! :lol:

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Guest fozzie22

What is it that people have against souness on this forum.


Even though he was a red shite,i loved him as a player,hard as nails and had the skill to back it up,after all anybody can knock someone over,but he had a certain class about him.


And,lest we forget,he did more damage to the RS in 3 years than anyone could have imagined,its taken them 10 years to come close to anything like what they where,all thanks,in the main part to souness.


So the next time you bash him think of the good work he did over the park :)

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ha, i dont see it with Everton..come on someone who is on the payroll of Everton actually MAKING money :lol:


No its the other way around with Everton - we paid the bung!


I reckon that we paid Fiorentina's manager £1.5m to sign Kroldrup from us for £3.5m!


Souness - i reckon that he is one, O'Leary another (from leeds days), Fergie is the other one.


Souness - wanker when a RS player - a superb acquisition (as fozzie says) when an RS manager!


And to top that, he was followed up by ROy Evans - who was equally as shite!


quality :D

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