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There are probably hundreds of Blues like me, who can't often get to Goodison and end up watching televised games in a pub, on their own, and often with loads of opposition support around them.

Why not try and track down other Blues in the region on this and other Toffee websites and arrange to get together on these occasions?

I have made contact with a few in my region of Surrey (Guildford, Woking and Dorking) and hopefully we are going to meet up for the next televised game.

I am also hoping to get up to Goodison next month and hopefully a few of the others can arrange it as well to help out on the petrol costs!

S o give it a try, it has to improve the atmosphere!

If there are any other blues in this neck of Surrey then please give me a shout and we will try to organise a meet for everyone.

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The Aresenal game was typical for me........................ ONE Evertonian (Gloating afterwards of course!!) and 30-40 Gooners. But it can be a bit of downer sometimes as the pre/post match banter is a bit one sided at times with only me dishing it out for the blues!!

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we should definitely have some meet-ups in london (sports cafe or something) - i went there to watch Everton manyoo last year when dunc scored, and the atmosphere was great. i was pretty much the only toffee surrounded by about a couple of hundred mancs and i was RIPPING it out of them!


lovely stuff

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Hey Iggy it's a bit distant for me (Devon) but I was dragged up in Guildford, spent twenty-five odd years there..where abouts are you? Have similar prob here though, my lad takes a lot of stick at school from hoards of RS, Manu, Chelski and Arse clones..none of whom have ever seen a match outside of Tiverton Town (very few of them have actually left Tiverton in their lives, though some particularly adventurous parents once visited Exeter :D ). Character building for him though...god I'm a proud dad :) ).

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Know Worplesdon road, lived in Burpham when it was about a tenth the size it is now. Played footie for Jacobs Well cubs!! Have you tried ESCLA, the London area supporters club..I was a member for a while..cheap travel etc.


Thought about ESCLA, but I dont often get a free Saturday and the pick ups seem to be all in London so I don't think it's really worth it to me. I have to plan my games at Goodison well in advance and only manage 2 or 3 trips a year. Went to the Pompey game - in the Fratton End!!

Meant I had to keep my emotions in check though!!

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