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  1. Definitely didn't enjoy seeing the team come out flat for the first 20 minutes but the bear was definitely poked after that foul on Stek wasn't called. Also loved seeing that it was Barry arguing with Mason after the foul wasn't called, proper leader that. MOTM to either Barry/Gueye, both were incredible today.
  2. Can't be mad at Roberto for a contract that both parties agreed to. Everton knew what they were getting themself into... and paid the piper.
  3. Squeaky bum time those last 10 or so minutes and would have been gutted for Holgate if that handball would have cost us at the end but that was a good turnaround by the lads.
  4. I have to say Mirallas looks like a new man, hungrier hustling for everything, love it.
  5. Schoolboy defending there, need to be switched on!
  6. Now that was some great link up play, and at the perfect time too. 45 minutes to come out and win it now instead of having 45 minutes to have to claw back a goal deficit.
  7. Team was far too negative with this lineup. Good to see Koeman making the change early but similar to when the US played Ghana in the 2010 World Cup, 1st half subs to me mean that you got it completely wrong to begin with. Edit: Also if Lukaku is fit enough for 60 mins, I'd much rather see him start and give us 60 mins than him having to come on as a sort of emergency ball for bad play and use a sub so early in the game.
  8. You know I was thinking Everton should do what West Ham did with Big Sam and sack him at the tunnel at the end of the season but then I thought... why even wait that fucking long sack him right now, send him home. If the team isn't going to be arsed to show up,I'm turning it off too... team is in shambles. Try to have a good day everyone I'm out
  9. Happy to see I wasn't the only one that noticed that. Roberto really needs to go...
  10. How many interceptions has Hibbert had today? Impressive
  11. Absofuckinglutely gutted right now... Roberto out let's see what next season has in store for us
  12. Roberto fresh legs would be great in a game like this, get mirallas on!
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