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    Football of course, Music, and big long debates on toffeetalk which usually end with me losing.

    Some music iam into: Kasabian my absolute favourites, The Killers, The Fratellis, Kanye West, Bob Marley, Keane, Hard-Fi, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bit of Green Day, U2, Franz Ferdinand, The Prodigy (when i wanna rave).

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  1. Jay Bernard

    Man Of The Match V Arsenal

    Yep Bily only seems like he can play a half at the moment, but something like that can only get better if he keeps starting. Alas I think Osman may play against Blackpool.
  2. Jay Bernard

    Jonathan Legear

  3. Jay Bernard

    Diego Castro

    Hey we might even get some of the best physios in the world, and the only cuban player i know because hes on FM Samon Reider Rodriguez
  4. Jay Bernard

    Diego Castro

    We could do with a revolution, Fidel Castro to replace Moyes
  5. Jay Bernard

    Magaye Gueye

    Bily isnt the type of player that can change games with pace, but he seems to always gets chances at goal when he plays and with his ability to shoot and finish could still make him a valuable player if Moyes realises he should be playing attacking midfield.
  6. Jay Bernard

    Anichebe Contract Extension Talk

    Moyes said a while ago that he likes to get people on new deals before bringing anyone else in. Maybe we will see some movement in the window now? We can only hope.
  7. Jay Bernard

    Chris Eagles

    By not being "picky" i mean you have to look at a lower calibre of player otherwise you end up with no one. Its Moyes' opinion that matters at the end of the day. If he likes him and hes available cheap then he will go for him. But hey maybe Gueye is ready to step up to Pienaar's position?
  8. Jay Bernard

    Chris Eagles

    I dont think hes shite at all. Infact I could see him doing a very similar job to Pienaar they both have that technical ability and will run all game. In terms of our finances at the club we cant afford to be picky and I think Moyes could get the best out of this lad.
  9. Jay Bernard

    Chris Eagles

  10. Jay Bernard

    Chris Eagles

    http://www.sport.co.uk/news/Football/49111/EXCLUSIVE_Everton_swoop_for_Eagles_as_Pienaar_replacement.aspx What do you guys think of this one? He always looked dangerous when I saw him play against us.
  11. Jay Bernard

    Scunthorpe Away

    I dont think Bily played garbage to be honest. He looked tidy and you can see he likes to cut inside from the wing which isn't his position don't forget. Distin could be blamed for the goal but has been in superb form so he needs a break.
  12. Jay Bernard

    Stoke City (Away)

    http://www.trgoals.net/ch3.html decent link here but foreign commentary
  13. Jay Bernard


    Ok guys I guess I must have been hearing things. But why does a genuine mistake have to become rhubarb?
  14. Jay Bernard


    Sorry i should have mentioned. If you had a chance to watch the full 90 minutes of the Wigan match it happened at least 3 times.
  15. Jay Bernard


    Whats the deal with cheering Distin when he makes a pass? Is it a sarcastic cheer or what? Maybe next time Neville makes a pass along the floor we can cheer him hey?