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  1. Yeh Im finding it hard to single out even 3 people that were clearly ahead of the rest!
  2. Today it would have been the 3rd, 4th or 5th but next week it could be the difference between picking up all 3 points, a point or nothing at all. That matters to me. Do you disagree with what I said then or do you just disagree with the timing? Fwiw its also a little ironic that you then single out Siggy yourself.
  3. I agree. Everything we needed to do given the leads we have handed back over the season. It feels a little like a corner is being turned.
  4. Superb performance so far and I am hesitant to criticise anybody but if we had a proper striker up top we would have knocked half a dozen past them. Terrible finishing and plenty of poor decisions. Graft and heart second to none though.
  5. The part that we differ is that I dont expect professional footballers to need to be read a riot act to perform, not that we definitely know whether they were given a kick up the arse. Its an assumption I would agree with though. It also doesnt explain the Liverpool performance nor why the performance changed so dramatically in the Newcastle game. Dont get me wrong, I get your point, but I am fed up of giving excuses to multimillionaires who take the piss out of the club like they do when they dont show up. You might find that acceptable, but I dont. Why should the fans be expected to spunk hundreds and thousands of pounds up the wall to watch and support a team of players who only turn up when they want to. That isnt acceptable anywhere else outside of football. If your solicitor doesnt give a shit, you change solicitors. Football fans cant do that, as much as I wish I could sometimes!
  6. Completely agree. Its nice to hear a referee with such common sense as well!
  7. West Ham are good at home and we are crap away. West Ham 3 - 1 Everton DCL
  8. He played well. One moment when Higuain (I think) ran in behind him but he got back in with a great challenge to weaken the shot and allow Keane to clear off the line. Everything else was pretty simple for him. Won a couple of good defensive headers from free kicks/corners too. Without check stats I would guess that him and Keane have the best defensive record in the league (for us).
  9. The heights were a lot different. One was rising the other wasnt. Check the replays. Edit: I say that presuming we are talking about the shot!
  10. How? Same tactics, same players. One half the players show up, the other half they didnt.
  11. I thought it was a largely free header bang in the centre of the goal? I might have to watch it back again!
  12. Its experience of situations. I never mentioned anything about management. Tactics, formations, philosophies can all be built without playing the game but in a situation where player x does something, player y is highly unlikely to know how to react without prior experience. Its near enough a fact of life. Some people can intuitively get through a situation. For example if Ronaldo runs at me 100 times in a 1 v 1. If I tackle him in the first 10 goes its going to be fortunate, but in them last 10 goes I would have seen 90 other attempts to base my decisions upon and therefore my experience of those 90 goes would give me a better chance of making that tackle. Do you deny that? I never said there wasnt. Exactly.
  13. Unfortunately you cant continue to motivate players by giving them a rollicking. It wares off pretty quickly! The players shouldnt need that to play a half decent game of football. That performance basically proved everything I have been saying.
  14. He missed 3 big chances in the game. 2 set piece headers and the one on the stretch. Only one was on target and it was straight at the keeper. If we had lost that game then I think the reaction would have been slightly different. Fwiw I think these games show him at his best as they did last season. Limited touches, more space to play and they bring his athleticism to the fore over his quality. Its a great attribute to have (turning up for the big games) but he needs to have the same impact against the teams we should be beating as well.
  15. He was fantastic at the end. I didnt think he did anything over and above what should be expected of him for most of the 2nd half but in that last 10-15 minutes alongside Schneiderlin he seemed to be everywhere!
  16. I think today just showed the issues we have with this group of players in that they only decide to turn up when someone gives them a bollocking.
  17. Pickford for me. The most consistent player on the pitch and did everything that was asked of him.
  18. Well that was a much better 2nd half. Ironically, I dont think we were actually that good, but they all at least raised their level to the bare minimum of what is required and as a result we competed with an average Chelsea side and beat them. I don't think any one player did over and above what you would expect from them, even Pickford who was probably MOTM only did what he was expected to do, but that was enough today. If we had done the same against Newcastle, we would have probably won that game fairly easily as well. It also backs up a lot of peoples points about the manager and his tactics. Nothing changed between the halves, all that did change was the attitude of the players. They actually have a shit for 45 minutes and to be perfectly honest I dont feel particularly comfortable celebrating that... ok well maybe a bit. The one player, I will also single out is Mina, who was probably one of the better players in the first half and showed that he is capable at this level against a decent side.
  19. Unlucky Theo, good run and solid shot on his left. Vital interception from Schneiderlin at the other end.
  20. Would have liked to have seen Lookman up against Alonso myself.
  21. Theo for Bernard... Theo to score the 3rd to make it 3-0?
  22. Very lucky Siggy, dreadful penalty. He needs to be taken off them!
  23. Penalty! Good work between Siggy and Coleman and Alonso trips Richarlison for the 2nd ball.
  24. Richarlison should have got that ball right, he had loads of time and space to play it. Great tackle by Gueye to start it off too.
  25. I am surprised they gave taken Barkley and Higuian off. Two of their best players IMO.
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