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  1. The other thing to consider is that Klopp has now seen our 541 in action. It only took Rodgers 60 mins to find it out and Klopp is probably one of the sharpest tactical minds out there and I don't see how any midfield pairing we could get out could stop them completely dominating the ball in our half. If they do dominate possession like that they will eventually create more than enough chances to score. We would have to score at least 2 of our own IMO.
  2. Liverpool tend to struggle when they are asked to create just as they did against us last season. I would argue that Leicester are more creative than Liverpool but Liverpool carry more of a threat. If AOC plays, which I expect he will, then this makes them more dangerous against those tactics as he does just enough to cause that little ripple in the defensive line that he or the others can exploit.
  3. I agree, but let's face it if any of our strikers are intentionally targeting VVD they probably should give up the game.
  4. I think the actual quote is Europe though. I wouldnt believe it unless you specifically see him say the Premier League, but even if he did, he clearly just means he is ready for another club (in Europe). We aren't getting him though, get your hopes up all you like but anyone who thinks this is a goer will just end up being very disappointed!
  5. From an attacking point of view yes. Defensively he had his moments last season as well.
  6. At least we can focus on not getting relegated.
  7. Well he did it last year so what has changed? Maybe less trust in players around him not named Bernard?
  8. Siggy makes the run too early? The ball should have never have gone to Siggy. He was too close and thats why he was making the run. At the very least Davies could have at least played it into a position he could get a foot to it and not a yard behind him. As well as Davies has done he was absolutely nowhere all game when they took him on.
  9. I think he had a very easy game yesterday. He was up against no-one when attacking and the had the most cover he will get this season and yet still conceded a good chance. I don't think he is a bad player at all, but he isn't anything to get carried away by. On balance, last week I think he was made to look worse due to the ineptitude of Walcott, so he wasn't as bad as he first appeared then either.
  10. Positionally I thought him and Siggy did a good job of keeping Leicester at bay for most of the game but they found it so easy to run past him or through him. He was so slow and weak. At least Siggy has the strength to hold people off. Siggy was even more aggressive than Davies which I didnt expect. His passing was also terrible.
  11. He seems very reluctant to pass the ball to anyone bar the winger in front of him. He needs to start whipping some early balls into the feet of the striker or an advanced midfield player and then get on his bike rather than lumping a lazy ball forward to the winger. He just looks like a player short on confidence, doing the easy thing rather than the type of play that got him to Bayern and Barca.
  12. I don't think it would be good management to throw him into a starting spot in a derby game under the lights when they are league leaders and we are one off the relegation zone. We have Arsenal, Chelsea and Utd coming up soon and he will get a lot more time and space against them than he will against Liverpool.
  13. Siggy for me. Superb alround midfield performance, just a shame he isn't a yard quicker.
  14. To be fair to Leicester they were the better team and should have won it sooner. The change from Rodgers to bring on Iheanacho won them the game as he gave as much more to worry about that Perez did. Our change didn't work because all we had was slow one paced plodders, two of which had been on from the start.
  15. I just can't believe how naive some of our players are. Professional footballers should know how to kill a game off. What we're Davies and Holgate thinking in that goal? Davies could just chip a ball into the corner flag, Holgate can just plough into Iheanacho if he can't make the tackle.
  16. What the fuck is Holgate doing for that goal as well. Don't stick you hand up make the tackle. Absolutely amateurish. You cant say it wasn't coming from him either as it was there to see last weekend.
  17. Good positioning from Schneiderlin and Kean gets back to make the tackle. Great heart from the young lad.
  18. Davies FFS. Giving away an easy ball. Last fucking minute of the game.
  19. That was some great reading of the game from Holgate. Pace of Siggy and Davies is showing badly.
  20. Great play from Davies and Richarlison down the right to allow the Kean shot.
  21. Lucky Tielemans picked the wrong pass. Siggy this time unable to keep up with the run.
  22. Great defensive work from Siggy. Holgate was sleeping in that move. Should have conceded again. Sidibe sleeping this time. All over the place now.
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