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  1. What I will add is that I don't particularly think we are any worse off based on the last 2 games.
  2. I went with DCL too. Villa will naturally leave holes and therefore I am confident that DCL will get his chances and I really hope he can put them away. He needs to. Kean is then an option from the bench when hopefully he can come a couple of goals to the good and then finish them off well and truly.
  3. I would hope we would tbh. We can't just shoehorn a player into the 11 because he can take a free kick. I think he plays too advanced. He doesn't find space through the middle because he has defenders packed around him, he plays very centrally and DCL doesn't do enough ahead of him to create space for him to drop into and then Richarlison and Bernard are also eating into the space he has. Our play was so narrow, it's no surprise that it's an issue. If you look at our pitch map for the weekend it's Siggy furthest forward, and all 11 players are within the width of the 18 yard box. Richarlison is the only one who holds his width. Coleman might have to be fair but he is skewed by switching flank. He should be much closer to the midfield allowing the wingers more opportunity to find the gaps between the full back and centre back.
  4. I think he is on a 8 or 9 game goalless streak. Like others have said though the bigger problem is that he isn't getting any chances either. I don't think he had a shot at the weekend and I don't remember him having the ball in the box bar the cruyff turn in the box where he fell over (crap ball back to him from Siggy). This makes no sense. Poor off the ball yet he kept picking up the ball. You don't have to be moving to find space.
  5. As others have said there was contact but it was a question of whether it was enough to bring the player to the ground. Penalty or not it's still a silly and unnecessary challenge to make as he was running towards the touch line. Reminded me of Gana against Utd last year. The last sentence is key as by the laws of the game I don't think it would as it wouldn't be clear and obvious that there wasnt enough contact to bring him down.
  6. Its one of the beauties of football. Nothing better than turning over a group of players much better than you.
  7. It is the expected goals that an individual at a certain level of football will score from that position on the pitch. That expectation is based upon statistics gathered from years of data of other players in that league in a similar situation. The problem is that it is still down to individual calculations. For the Bernard goal, they will take the difficulty of having to beat defenders decide how more likely or unlikely it was to score from that position. As another example from understat.com the two Richarlison headers were assessed at 0.28 and 0.05. I think that is massively out. It's interesting and the expected points as a result of xG largely correlated with the final table. The one anomaly at the top was Arsenal (likely due to have 2 excellent finishers). They had Palace and Bournemouth underperforming due to xG (crap defending for the latter) and West Ham in particular over preforming. As with any stat though it's limited by whoever presses the button.
  8. Sorry should have been "had" as in he has done those things!
  9. Did Richarlison get a shot off as I don't recall that attempt? DCL played the ball to Richarlison to win the free kick for the 2nd chance he should have scored and it was a good one touch pass around the corner but not exactly mind blowing.
  10. I didn't think they were that troubled by him tbh, maybe the first half hour, but he didn't really threaten them at all after that.
  11. First one was a free kick from Siggy as well.
  12. They are saves you would hope he would make IMO. The two against Palace were better but they were all about his positioning. No manager in this league is going to realistically get through a game without needing his keeper to make a good save. To suggest it's down to not being tactically good enough is laughable. City conceded 3 shots yesterday and conceded 2. Is that down to Peps tactics or down to other factors outside of his control?
  13. I still think he has his limitations and they will be exposed at points within the season. A lot of the credit should go to Silva who has done a great job at sorting out the defence. Keane still has to adapt though and fight off the demons of his shocking form in the first season.
  14. The one comparison I would make between him and Gana based on what I have seen before was shown in the Doucoure chance. I don't know if he did get a touch on it before Doucoure but the fact he was actually there and tracking the run was a big difference compared to Gana. I have seen Gana enough over the 3 years to be almost certain that he would have been watching the ball and had no idea about where Doucoure was.
  15. Siggy had 31 touches yesterday. Thats less than Richarlison who didn't finish the game and it's 15 less than Bernard. I just checked some of the times and 5 of Siggys touches were after 93 mins. I know the comparison is limited but KDB touched the ball 79 times for City, more than Gundogan and Rodri (the latter was subbed). Thats similar to Bernardo Silva but around 25 more than Sterling. The other thing I noted was that DCL had 21 touches yet Kean had 13.
  16. I'd like to see: Pickford Sidibe Keane Mina Baines Davies Gbamin Gomes Richarlison Kean Iwobi I have previously argued the need for backup keepers to play games but I don't overly trust Lossl and Pickford has already shown this season that he can be the difference between winning and losing. I wouldn't be against starting Coleman at RB (or LB if needed) but he is the most likely player to need a break throughout the season given his position and age. Siggy can come out. Gbamin needs games and I would expect Davies to come in. The question is over Gomes but then having 2 holding midfielders against Lincoln seems excessive. It would be a good game for Delph to replace Gomes if he is ever going to be fit. Richarlison still needs games to get up to speed, Kean deserves a start and Iwobi also needs to start playing some games. On the bench I would like to see Adeniran, Tosun, and maybe Gordon. If we are comfortable then the young lads can come in and if Kean is struggling then Tosun can do the business.
  17. If Richarlison should have scored 1 of his 2 then that is already 0.5 for each attempt taking us over 1 expected goal even forgetting about the other chances.
  18. Our xG today was less than 1 which I don't understand. Richarlison had 2 sitters, Bernards goal was from a good position in the box and Kean had two chances, which I would expect a Premier League striker to score 1 in every 4 or 5. Just shows you that stats are only as good as the person pressing the buttons.
  19. Clear penalty in the Bournemouth game too. I don't really get the point of it.
  20. Just seen the Villa highlights and they look lively enough. Spurs shut them down pretty well so I'd expect us to be able to do similar and they will give away chances. The question is whether we can take the chances. A game for Kean to start maybe.
  21. That Dani Ceballos looks handy. Only seen the MOTD highlights but he is lively and looks to make a lot of good decisions with great technique to execute those decisions.
  22. Shocking call in the City game too. Good goal scored and ruled out due to the new handball rule for VAR. Loowed a couple of penalty shouts too... clear grab on Laporte.
  23. I don't know if you watched the game today but out of possession they played the same 442 shape we do with De Bruyne and Aguero starting to defend from the front. The difference is when they attack De Bruyne moves into an inside right channel between the full back and centre back and then Gundogan played from deeper but he was essentially doing the same from the left but more centrally. When Silva came he attacked the left hand channel and KDB dropped deeper to play more how Gundogan played earlier in the game. I have no problem with how Siggy defends, I think he does it well but he just isn't involved in attack. He plays a lot more centrally, and both he and DCL seem to be playing on the same lines especially with Bernard and Richarlison playing as inside forwards rather than staying wide to create more space. At City you can have 5 men in the front line: Sterling - Gundogan - Aguero - KDB - Silva Then you have Rodri behind and the full backs who overlap depending on the situation. Loads of passing options and very difficult to mark.
  24. I think he looks very solid from a defensive point of view but I expect to see more from him on the ball in the future.
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