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  1. Just to offer a bit of balance... https://winstonchurchill.org/resources/churchill-archive/notes-for-churchills-speech-to-the-royal-college-of-physicians/ https://www.bmj.com/rapid-response/2011/10/31/without-winston-churchill-nhs-would-not-exist https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/how-did-britain-build-the-nhs/zvhmkmn https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/home-affairs/the-most-civilised-thing-in-the-world-the-political-foundations-of-the-nhs/ It would be fair to say Churchill and the Tory party were key to the NHS coming into existence. Tweets like that are misleading and just fuel class or political hatred. Edit: One more from the Lib Dems of all people! https://www.libdemvoice.org/setting-the-record-straight-labour-and-the-nhs-15930.html
  2. I think there is a case of waiting and seeing on some of these. Iwobi hasn't really had a run yet, he has been out with injury and he was signed for a different manager and system in mind. He looks scared of his shadow at the moment whereas he started the season looking a much more confident player. He is being asked to play like a wing back at the moment and its no surprise that whoever we play in those wider midfield positions is playing crap. Kean still has the world at his feet. If you think it has taken DCL 3 or 4 years to show enough to genuinely be considered a starting striker, its unrealistic to expect Kean to be much more than he is at the moment. He doesn't look like he will be the saviour up front that we hoped but it doesn't mean he can't still be a good player. A lot of fans would have been up in arms if Gomes wasn't signed after last years loan. He hasn't been the same since his injury (bar the first game back) but if you remember Coleman's return he was as good as ever and then his form dropped off a cliff before he came back to the player he has been this season. Delph was and is a waste of money. I still don't get that one.
  3. His "ballsups" largely came from over playing as opposed to basic defending as it was against Holland if I remember rightly. As you are aware though, he is only with England for a few days, its not like they are drilled tactically over time. Fernandinho does struggle as does Otamendi. Fernandinho has a great head on him but he still gets exposed. The Villa one is a great example because he is thinking too much about playing. He just has to deal with it, but he is conflicted. If he had played under Dyche or Allardyce do you think he would have contemplated not just clearing it into row z. I would say he is best position would be as a sweeper. He definitely isn't mobile enough to play DM in my opinion.
  4. Whilst that article is correct about the problems in midfiedl its wide of the mark in respect of formation. We didn't really see a 433 last night, it was a strange starting 11 in shape. At 0.02 we defended deep into a 6 at the back with Iwobi and Davies widest, 2 central midfielders and 2 central attackers. at 0.12 we were defending in a 442 with two central attackers, which by the time the goal is eventually scored we had 9 men in our own box (versus 4 Spurs). at 0.58 we are in a very narrow 442 (Coleman ahead of the ball) and as we break you see Gomes and Davies fill in for Mina and Coleman staying in a 442 shape. When you go into the second half the same thing happens but with different players. The unusual thing about yesterdays set up was the interaction between Coleman and Davies. When attacking Coleman became the winger and Davies sat in as the right back. It makes sense because you wouldn't want Davies playing wide but why not play someone who can from the start? Had we attacked more down the other flank I am sure it would have been the same story.
  5. Squad rotation will be a big problem for us over the coming games. Gomes already looks leggy, Coleman is surely going to need to be rotated and if Richarlison keeps getting lumps kicked out of him, he probably will too. Im not sure Digne needs a break though, he has hardly been rampaging forward and he is in good form. If necessary I'd rather have Baines rotate with Coleman on the right given that the other options to play RB are... erm... dreadful. The midfield is a problem, a huge problem. Davies doesnt seem to cope with playing 2 games in 3 days, Siggy doesnt do anything anyway and Gomes is getting worse with every game. I would say Iwobi has much for going for him in midfield than Gordon. He might have run around a bit last night but he is weak and naive (as you would expect for a player of his age) and I don't see that being a position he can hold down. In respect of Bernard, I would argue the opposite. If they are kicking lumps of Richarlison when he drops into the 10 position, they will break poor little Bernie.
  6. Southampton are flying at the moment. They must be the form team in the league. I have only seen bits of them but they do give up enough chances. At the other end though Ings is in great nick and only needs half a chance.
  7. Don't get me wrong, Stones would need a bit of refocusing but I am amazed that anyone thinks that Stones isn't a better defender and footballer. Holgate makes silly mistakes in a defensive system. You put Stones into that system and get him out of the play out at all times mentality he could easily be one of the best defenders in the league. His 1 v 1 defending for us was still some of the best I have seen, especially at someone that was his age. This is completely wrong. In Pep's system the centre backs are massively exposed. Stones in that position is playing on his two weaknesses. His will to play all the time and his pace. It was either going to make or break him in that he would learn how to overcome it or he would struggle. In fairness if he could stay fit, it would probably be him and Laporte every week. If he plays for Carlo in a system like he did today he would look like a Rolls Royce barely breaking sweat. I'd also add that there was a fairly long spell that Kompany was struggling under Pep too but that is forgotten because of how well he ended that last season.
  8. No, I know he meant to play it to him, maybe not quite where he did, my point is that it was a poor decision because 99/100 its a turnover. It was a poor decision and average ball made to look good by the work of Digne. Anyways let's put this one on the agree to disagree pile. Might need a step ladder
  9. The most frustrating thing about that game is that Spurs were bloody awful and yet they didn't have to get out of 2nd gear to win. Let's not beat around the bush though because this performance was largely the same as it has been since the restart. Restrictively defensive football that relies on Richarlison and DCL to win a second ball to get some possession. We were so defensive today that when our full backs went forward all 3 of our central midfielders sat deep. We are playing football not to lose rather than trying to win. With only a couple of minutes left we only had 6 touches in the opposition box, but that's similar to previous matches, so its no surprise. Pickford did make a mistake but it wasn't a biggie this time. He looks very low on confidence but still dealt with everything else. I am more annoyed by his decisions at the end to kick the ball long to the two smallest players on the pitch. Digne had another good game. He didn't really get forward but he defended very well. Keane was the pick of the CBs, the other two doing OK on the whole. Coleman struggled a bit today. He just never had a grip of Son or Moura. The less said about the midfield the better, Davies maybe the best of a bad bunch but he was crap, Gomes forgot which side he was playing for and Siggy looked more like a spectator than a player. I actually saw a little hope in Iwobi. He picked up some positions between the lines to give and go, but very often noone gave it so it came to nothing. Im not sure how he was hooked over Siggy. Gordon came on a showed a bit of energy. He had one nice dribble and one drive and shot but his overall play was underwhelming again. DCL was poor. Never in the game and when he did he fucked it. He just continues to show very naive decision making. Why on earth he tried forcing a pass to a marked Richarlison when he was in a couple of yards of space on the edge of the box is beyond me. Richarlison looked like the one that was going to do something but that very rarely involved much that deep in Spurs half. Their plan seemed to be to stop him and it worked. He was the one trying to get the ball off the midfield, turn and do something. On the whole though he still didn't contribute a great deal. Unlike most though he looked as if he was trying to for some of the game. Of the other subs Sidibe was embarrassing and Kean at least showed something positive in this game, but it was mostly naivety. I am going to struggle watching us if we keep playing like this.
  10. Struggling to think who has played well. Maybe DCL for a couple of headers and no other involvement or Richarlison for being fouled 15 times already.
  11. Neither of these sides deserve Europe. Dreadful quality in this game.
  12. Neville laying into Gylfi for pulling out of that and quite right too. Pathetic.
  13. Poor that from Holgate, at least it was outside of the box. Poor touch drew him in. So far this season we have been good in front. That attack worries me about how we will play when we are behind in a game.
  14. It really was. Plenty of chances to win the ball but no-one was aggressive enough. How Lo Celso had the time to chest it down for Son to run at us with that many bodies around him is beyond me. Strange old formation this too, very defensive. Davies playing more like a right centre back when we attack.
  15. Probably as bigger game as there has been for us for a while I think. Looking forward to it!
  16. I'm bloody glad I have never played football with you lot! We might need to check Holgate's passport though, as he is clearly Brazilian!
  17. I'm very surprised Arsenal beat Wolves. They are getting better under Arteta even when you consider their team is actually very poor. Utd getting better and better as well. I gave OGS a fair amount of shit early on when the media were loving him after that early run but he is sorting that side out piece by piece. They have given all the big sides a run for their money this season and with Fernández and that front 3 they are much more equipped to see off the sides that sit deep and try to frustrate them. I feel like next season is going to be very competitive!
  18. I agree about Ancelotti. Stones needs to go somewhere, sit in a tight back 4 and go back to basics a little. Ancelotti will still want him to play out, but nowhere near the level of Pep and Martinez and its exactly what he needs to learn, albeit he could have done with it a few seasons ago. He would definitely be our best defender if he joined. Mind you I'm not sure who our best defender is at the moment.
  19. I didn't say it wasn't intended. Thats not the point at all. The only thing Digne could do was head the ball, not to mention the fact it was played behind him. He even had 1 leg out of play. How Digne got it to Gordon was a miracle. How he got it to another blue shirt is a miracle. How he managed to just generally not cause a turnover was pretty incredible. It was a terrible decision to play the ball to where he did but it is one that he got away with because of the brilliance of Digne.
  20. Let me know when you guys get back down to the real world.
  21. Great words to hear for him. Wouldn't surprise me if he went and bagged at Spurs as a result.
  22. I didn't watch all this game but I did the Utd game and the bits I have seen he has been everywhere and completely dominant.
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