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  1. Not if Allan is supporting the attack like he was at times against West Brom. Plus Zaha is quicker than him in space and deceptively strong. The one thing I do know is that Allan will be well up for the fight. Should be a good contest!
  2. Unfortunately that's all well and good if you have eyes in the back of your head. That's what it looks like to me, but only Mina will know what he was thinking at the time. Diangana might even be more two footed than I believed but its unusual to have someone that is happy to hit it from 20+ yards off either foot.
  3. To me it looks like Gomes was taking a step back to give James room to dribble into the space he was in. Saying you should always be on your toes is a great cliche but its clear that he wasn't expecting the pass and had shifted his weight accordingly. It something that happens all the time. One player thinks one player is doing one thing and the other thinks something else. Trying to blame Gomes but not also share that blame with James just shows bias. As for the tackle, again he tries to get across and as does Allan. Never of them get there. Allan also wasn't "on his toes" either btw. Th
  4. Watching this back again, I dont think Mina realises that Diangana is left footed. He is actually showing him down the line and onto his left foot intentionally. On one hand he is showing him away from goal but as he is too far off him it doesnt matter. If Diangana was right footed it would be decent defending because its not a bad thing to encourage a shot from distance from the wrong foot. Only Mina knows what he was trying to do but goal aside he was very average for the rest of the game as well.
  5. I dont think there is any question that Allan did as much as he could do after the ball was turned over. Its just really sloppy play by James and Gomes not being on the same wavelength and that then draws Allan into the problem. Backing off is the right thing to do by Mina. You see its the right thing because it buys time and Allan is almost able to get back. Problem is he stands 4-5 yards off the attacker. You do that in Sunday League and your inviting a shot, let alone at Premier League level. This whole blaming Pickford is nonsense though.
  6. Problem is Zaha has been floating around the formation rather than just playing left. If I was Hodgson I would get him at Keane and Mina because he could have a field day.
  7. I am a big fan of Jota. His movement is brilliant and he is a very talented and technical player. He will give them another dimension especially if and when one of Salah or Mane gets injured or is rested. He played 34 times in the league last season scoring 7 and played 14 times in europa scoring 9. He was a big player for Wolves.
  8. I just felt like he was a bit tactically naive today. Their first goal he had no need to move into that area of the pitch. His role is to stop the counter. He did that a few times where he just vacated spaces that he should have been occupying. It just felt like he was a bit too keen and that came across in his passing at times too. I dont think he played badly as such, just wasn't quite at it. I will add though that I am not sure about his legs. He is still getting up to full fitness so I will reserve judgment on that until a few more games in.
  9. Just noticed it was him that gave away the ball for their first goal... sell him in the morning! 😂
  10. Really!? No keeper was stopping either of those.
  11. I think perfect is quite a big statement given what happened last season!
  12. I think Carlo has said that Delph will be fit to play this game.
  13. It will be interesting to see what we do because Palace almost beckoned United onto them and then nicked possession and counter attacked time and time again. Our defenders are probably less equipped than Utds to defend in those 1 v 1 situations at speed, especially Mina if today is anything to go by. We would almost want to have Seamus marking him. Palace's midfield is underrated. McCarthy and Macarthur were great together at Wigan and they were brilliant together again today. They wont cover loads of ground at pace but if they can sit in their shape and shuffle across they are one of the
  14. I went with Richarlison because his all round contribution was immense. James and DCL wouldnt have had their goals or assists if it wasn't for the attitude, determination and persistence of Richie. He was an elite pain in the arse today for West Brom.
  15. Palace can be a tough nut to crack and it will be interesting to see how they get on against Utd but we definitely cannot allow the Palace wide men to counter us like West Brom did at times.
  16. Well that was a bit of a rollercoaster! I didnt think we were playing terribly in the first half but someone in the move would just do something ridiculously sloppy or stupid and the move would break down and then we were on the backfoot. It doesnt matter who you are against if a move breaks down because you are completely out of position and scrambling. For the first goal we had our 3 midfielders covering 4 blades of grass and it gets to one of their best players and then its tough. Mina does what he should in backing off but he makes the cardinal sin of not being able to get close enou
  17. Good to see Walcott dropped from the squad too after his performance mid week. Hopefully Iwobi can stake a claim if he makes it onto the pitch.
  18. There is definitely a player in there. He was brilliant against Bournemouth and really took the opportunity. He did nothing of the sort against Salford but he definitely got better in the second half. He stopped needlessly giving the ball away and started playing more for the team instead of himself. I think he was too keen to impress and thought he could do what he liked against League 2 defenders and it would work. Almost a Billy big bollocks who was then brought down to earth at half time and if Carlo didn't get to him first, I would be very confident Ferguson did! I agree, there is
  19. Its a lot easier playing left back when you barely have to defend than playing up front against a team set up to defend. There is no doubt he has to show more over 90 minutes and against better sides but he will.
  20. Hate to say it but in Thiago and potentially Jota they have made some really good signings into what is already a strong group.
  21. Shooting is part of the winter Olympics. BBC classes shooting as a sport. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/get-inspired/23164591 Again though, it appears to be allowed in the rest of the UK as well.
  22. I thought he did well in the second half bar missing the sitter. First half he was terrible but at least he showed that he could turn it around.
  23. If we get past Fleetwood its West Ham or Hull at home. Good draw.
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