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  1. I actually thought Arsenal did a good job of winning the ball back and controlling the game. They were shocking against the counter attack at times though and in the first half they were really poor when it came to putting a few passes together in the final third. They all seemed to want to run with the ball. When they moved the ball quicker, which they did at the end of the first and then into the second half they created chances.
  2. Why are you over exaggerating? I gave one example in the game to counter your erroneous (IMO) example. The weekend was clearly a big mistake but that aside I don't see many shots conceded that he should be saving. If anything, I see him making more saves I wouldn't expect him to make.
  3. I agree. Xhaka is a wannabee hard man but he fouls out of petulance rather than through tact. Fernandino puts himself about, not necessarily leaving one on players but he won't give you an inch in midfield and he will bring you down if you beat him.
  4. Ziyech to Chelsea in the summer. It will be interesting to see if they play him wide or centrally. Not sure the league will suit him if it's central.
  5. All he did!? 😂 Some of our players can't pass it 5 yards to a team mate and this fella pings it 60 yards into the run and foot of an attacker and it's labelled as just knocking a ball in the channel and then you say I need some perspective. This place is fucking mad sometimes. He wasn't rooted to his line when he collected the ball after he made the important save. If your referring to the post incident, why would a keeper be that far in front of his near post from a corner/cross or whatever it was? No I think the opposite is true. Just because every pass isn't great people seem to think he is crap with the ball. Even the Ederson's and Allisons of this world bung the ball into touch, duff a ball out or get caught on it, you just don't watch them as much. Pickford's distribution is up their with the best and of course it doesn't always come off, imagine if our outfield players tried the type of balls he is, they wouldn't get anywhere near his completion levels. It's not even about potential. He is good enough for better teams than us already and he could go on a lot further yet.
  6. Basically everything you have said there is applicable to us as well. The slight difference is that DCL and Richarlison are a threat up front. Change that to Kean and DCL and it's much less of a threat IMO. Awful is too far IMO, but he just didn't impact the game enough for the first 60 odd minutes. We were dominant in midfield for that first half so he must have been doing something right even if he didn't stand out for it. He got more involved once we went to a 5 man midfield as you'd expect.
  7. I'm not "re-writing history", it's something I have said repeatedly this season (ie that he has played better than many). He also played well at the end of last season too for what it's worth. He didn't play well against Liverpool reserves but again he played better than most in my opinion.
  8. Ah ok, that's fair enough. It sounded like they were just pissing around!
  9. Same with DCL. They were both pretty quiet. Richarlison got better and better after his goal though. The keeper was never getting to it though, your a bloody harsh judge!
  10. I didn't see that with Holgate & Davies! I know it's boring to be on the bench but the least they can do is pay attention for 90 bloody minutes! Ridiculous.
  11. The ball he played to Richarlison down the left channel was pin point. Put us straight onto the counter. I wish our outfield players were that accurate. Floundering? 1 was deflected (but he had covered anyway) and the other went through 2 of our players who should have cleared it easily so it's no surprise that it surprised him. Then again, don't condone the two players that should have cleared the ball easily, just focus on the keeper doing what every keeper in the league would have done "floundering".
  12. Coleman did play well yesterday. Zaha is a shadow of the player he was last season, the transfer saga looks to have got to him.
  13. No, I quite literally said in the post you quoted that he has improved the collective. Ferguson was running out of players and we were playing lots of games in a short space of time. His impact on Richarlison, DCL and Holgate in particular was huge. He also had much tougher games. I don't know if it's efficiency but we seem to doing better at the big moments. The two goals before half time last week were huge, this week Richarlison's goal followed by Pickford's were also massive for us picking up 3 points. Under Silva those moments seemed to go against us. Maybe its the old adage that a lucky manager is a good manager!
  14. Arsenal are a very weird team right now. They are much more together now but they still seem to make a howler. I saw them away at Burnley and they started bright and then ran out of ideas and got bullied. A lot of teams are like that at Turf Moor so its not a surprise. They should have had the game as good as won in the opening half hour but when they didn't their heads dropped at bit and so did their intensity. If we aren't at it those first 20-30 minutes will be tough. Having said that there probably isn't a better time to play Arsenal. They can still be bullied, they still make mistakes because of their shocking centre backs, and their main two attackers look short of confidence. Lacazette in particular is really struggling. I wouldn't change a lot in terms of the starting line-up. I'd want Coleman against Lacazette, I'd want Bernard starting. I wouldn't want Davies or Delph starting for the U23s let alone the first team. The question is what happens to Walcott. Move Richarlison right and lose him up front, bring in Iwobi and lose the directness and pace that Walcott is in the team for, or test Gordon in that position. It's a tough one but as far as I'm concerned as long as it's anyone but Sidibe.
  15. Arsenal 1 - 1 Everton Richarlison
  16. I didn't think he was much cop all game but he was milking Cahill for most of it. Big difference now is that he is in those positions to score a lot more with a partner and it shows!
  17. He has played well most of this season but today was a standout.
  18. That is just Bernard for me. No better than the end of last season. Theo maybe, Schneiderlin agreed and Holgate was at the same level under Ferguson. This is the big one for me. A couple of players are maybe slightly better, but as a collective we have improved a lot. DCL and Richarlison were doing the same for Ferguson. I'd agree with Kean but given how little we saw him before that's partly expected.
  19. The goal from Richarlison and the save from Pickford came at the perfect time for us. We were up against it at the time and if we conceded straight away, I'm not sure how we would have coped. A very average performance for most of the game where we created few chances until the game opened up. The Sidibe sub was a terrible decision again too, even if he got a bit better in the second half, but going to 5 was much better than sticking with 442 and being overrun. Something Ferguson found out early at Manchester Utd with less resources available to him. We were supposed to win that and we did, which in itself is an improvement on Silva. Big games to come and properly see where we are.
  20. Get in! Right place right time for DCL. Good header Richarlison (beats Cahill again).
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