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  1. Across the Severn bridge down to Kent, love the county, Hmmmm, send my family there but stay and fight myself, Always grown up to believe freedom from oppression is something worth dying for, and for my country (Wales) would gladly pay the price.
  2. . He is hoping for a ticket for the Russia game, if he can get out of a 4hour meeting on that day. Could be a nightmare that game!!!
  3. If the boss gave me time off and I'd have a ticket, hell yeah!!!
  4. Nice to see the England and Wales fans having a beer together. Then up pops some Russians to cause aggro, Jesus, they need sorting out.Lucky most of the British hooligans have a travel ban.
  5. I don't know if I'm exited or not. I can see the reason behind the appointment. I hope we get to the point where when Koeman leaves we are in a position where we are an extremely attractive proposition to nearly all of the top managers. Then Ronald would have done his job.
  6. Ouch, Lukaku looked well off the pace tonight
  7. Great to wake up in my hotel room this morning to hear gas used on England fans in Marseille, glad going home on Sunday after Wales v Slovakia. Recon the England v Wales will be carnage.
  8. no,read my post again, it's a question. How do you motivate a millionaire? If I were one, I would say!!!!
  9. Land of song. Land of hero's. Gorau chwarae, cud chwarae.
  10. Newts, your playing on a Sunday,non league, you give your fiver to the club secretary, another manager asked you to play for their team and they pay you £20 a game, are you going to say no?
  11. And I guess you want the fella to shut his mouth and do as he's told? I do, but I will ask you this haf, how do you motivate a millionaire? Arm round the shoulder? Dry slap on the rubbery chops?
  12. Keep away from them dolls fella.
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