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Read Into This What You Will

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If you watch this interview DM was asked about a striker and with a broad smile he said "maybe", now this might not mean much to most but that expression signified that something is very very close to being completed and the whispers around the training ground are that maybe two signings 2morrow, one I believe is a cert nothing certain but have a feeling Nugent could have already had talks and maybe Barton. I know we made an inquery late last week which many thought was for Fowler but strange now he's handed in a TR. Well big day 2morrow hope it's a good one.

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Guest fozzie22
i dont believe we have the money for barton and nugent, to be honest, i dont think we have the money for barton on his own. he is city's star player as of late, not cheap!

agreed..unless BK has been pimping his arse down lime street

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I still get the feeling that no-one will join.


As Craccer said just keeping the fans happy with hope. We have a game tonight and DM will be working on that not signing anyone.


I think we have ran out of options and he said it to make it look like he is still looking

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