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well the script didnt go down to well and the matterazzi send off was harsh but at least the ref done a good job to let the game go on when inter players handled the ball.




Inter will get the skums back at the san siro and inter will go through to the next stage. now lets keep supporting inter

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Inter were poor, even with 11 men!.....luckypool were certainly up for it, could only be one result!


Gerrard had a good game, the way he sprays those long balls around and drives them on is priceless to them.Couldn't believe how much space they gave him!


Even the Arabs haven't got enough money to replace him(when he wants to play!)


Not nice the way he and a few others seem to demand decisions go their way!The way Torres

dived for Marco's second yellow was terrible, he and Gerrard must be two of the biggest divers in the prem.

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Mark My Words :S


Like the last time you said that, 'Rafa will be sacked' before Febuary of march or summin


Dodge is it impossible for you to see that L'pool are and were the better team.


Blue250, i think Gerrard only Dives because he knows that he can make the Ref give him what he wants, (The Derby)

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this was played at a pace the Italians (i say Italians on Marco was Italian in that team) couldnt handle, and Materazzi getting sent off worked for inter as they knew then all they had to do was sit and defend.


we must take a similar stance if we face Fiorentina. quick passing. though we'll see if per can head.

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