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Can't believe what i have just seen !!!!!


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Possibly the first sh!Te game i have ever saw Collina have and it just happens to coincide with our biggest game in decades !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It could only happen to an Evertonian couldn't it ? B)


So very very proud of the men in Blue tonight for their perfonance against the possibly the hardest team we could ever have been drawn against in this years qualifiers .


A team that finished 3rd only to Barcelona and Real Madrid in their respective league last year , a team that comes with a very impressive reputation in the European game and a team that will be a match for any of Europes so called '' Big Guns '' in this years competiton .


There were much unfancied Everton on the verge of ramming everyones '' i told you so's '' back down their ba5tard throats as Ferguson rose to head home a perfectly legal second goal that would have left Villareal reeling when all of a suddden Marcus Bent is penalised for having his own shirt ragged off his back .


Very unhappy with Mr Collina tonight , we needed a strong referee to be appointed for tonights game and i think we all heaved a huge sigh of relief when it was Pierluigi himself who got the job .


Can't help but feel we've been royally fooked over tonight by both FIFA and Collina and i just hope the players heads don't drop knowing that they did enough to at least force extra time even if the powers that be made sure the game was out of their hands from the very start .


Unlucky heroes in Blue .


Fook off and die ba5tards in suits !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

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Good shout Willo!

Collina was crap tonight, made some really bad decisions and didn't use his liners at all. Benty tussling with that spanish geezer didn't interfere with the play! The liner didn't flag it either!

Great effort by our boys though and we'll move on swiftly from here.

Heads should stay up and we need some good press today to confirm to them that they did us proud.

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Ok Guys...we were hard done by.....But we need to know that we cannot afford to waste any scorring chances when they come by....we really need a quality striker to be in this game (unless we are lucky like the red shit#).....So whats Next? UEFA....i am sure by then we would have better players in the squad and we will perform better...


1)We played well and the luck was no on iur side(villareal deflected goal + our disallowed goal)


2)Even the world best refree can be blind....


3)Once chance one kill is the name of the game...we miss we pay(like how cahill missed his header)


4)We will come back stronger


5)We lived da moment (We did not buy into the competition,but rather we finished 4 and qialified)


6) Proud to be blue today and Ever !!



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Is right Saint, well said mate!

StevO, that's footie for yer pal.

Saint is spot on there, we qualified for our right to compete.

Didn't whinge our way in like the RS.

We'll come off better for this. All part of the learning curve for us!

Like to see The Shite get drawn with Villareal. See how they get on with them!

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