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The GOLF GAME (Pressure shot ) isnt right, first time i did it i was crap, 39 shots to get around.

The second time i did it i got round in 13 shots, the third time i got round in five shots which is the idea of golf the least shots you take to get round is better. BUT IT STILL SHOWS MY WORST SCORE AS THE BEST SCORE


So i can knock the ball about the course all day long and not put them in the holes and get a bigger score. :blink: Very strange. :lol:

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The idea TL is to keep getting new games play them before anyone else doeas and then at least then I can be top for a little while at least.


I am ashamd that I am the Computer generation and think I am only top on 1 game. Must stop playing the xbox and move to pc games

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