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Appiah Or Kuffour Or Both?

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More transfer gossip


An unnamed Ghanaian could be the next player in through the door on a free transfer according to rumour, with some speculating it’s Sammy Kuffour, the 31 year-old defender who is without a club after being released by AS Roma.


Another, more exciting prospect, of course, is long-time target Stephen Appiah. (Toffeeweb)


Obviously either of these two would be gratefully gobbled up by the Goodison faithful, but Appiah in particular - on a free - would be a great piece of bargain basement business.


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footy247 seems to think it's Kuffour.


He's been released by Roma and Ajax as his last 2 clubs, not played very much and suffered a recurring knee injury.


I remember him from Bayern Munich, was quality then but that was years ago. Only 31 but started his career in 1991 according to footy247... which would have made him 14 or 15!!!


Defender, can play full back or central, positions that we seem to have cover in- even moreso with the signing of the Dane earlier today.


So, what I'm saying is that I hope it's Appiah :lol:

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An unnamed Ghanaian? Come on. This reeks of bullshit.


If there is any slight truth, I would take Appiah after a very stringent medical, but Kuffour can fuck right off, he used to be very good... but that was when he played for Bayern and they where playing Man Utd in the Champions League Final. He can't cut it now, he only managed 2 games in one year at Ajax last year and he was very very poor in those games. One other player it could be would be Annan. He's Ghanain isn't he?

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Kuffour is finished, As jamie said Ajax released him from his contract because of bad form after playing only two games.

Has been on trial with Sunderland but Roy Keane sent him packing and said he wont be signing him. that means he'll probably end up here. :angry:

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Can't see it being Appiah. He want's to go back to Juventus, and funnily enough he's in Turin at the minute. http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11854_4048841,00.html


Yeah seen that, rumours are bouncing around everwhere, some say its Appiah (Allegedly seen at FF) others say Kuffour (old one) and a really bizzare one that it might be the crap Kuffour in league 1 (I know they are both crap). Annan, I have even heard that we had Willheimson (not bothering with spelling but ex Bolton) at FF farm with Jacobsson. I'm sure we will all know in a weeks time what players have come so lets get waiting :)

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