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Suzuki Swift V's Lamborghini - Road Rage...


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This incident made headlines Downunder over weekend...& I Simply lost it ...1 for the little guy..!!!



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Hatchback hate: Lamborghini chased




By Dylan Welch

March 13, 2006


The road rage incident started with a glance and quickly became one of the more bizarre pursuits on Sydney's roads.


As the driver of a yellow Lamborghini sat in peak hour traffic in Homebush at around 8.20am yesterday he flashed an annoyed look at the driver of a Suzuki Swift, who was booming music out of his car stereo, say police.


It was hardly a call to arms, but his frown provoked a 30-minute pursuit along Parramatta Road from Homebush to Glebe as the Lamborghini attempted to get away from the clearly agitated driver of the Suzuki, who tailgated the supercar and at one point even attempted to ram it.


"The Suzuki Swift was changing lanes, getting behind the Lamborghini and tailgating and also coming beside the Lamborghini at lights and revving [his car] and yelling at the driver," Inspector Sue Trusty of Glebe Police told smh.com.au.


Despite being hopelessly outclassed by the supercar, the driver of the diminutive hatchback managed to pursue the Lamborghini through heavy traffic to Glebe, where the frightened driver flagged down a police car.


Police were unable to catch the Suzuki as it sped down a side street and disappeared.


The shaken Lamborghini driver lodged an incident report with officers at Glebe police station, leaving his car parked in Talfourd Street in a restricted area reserved for police cars.


He was so shaken he was given a lift home by police, leaving the luxury vehicle to be picked up by his staff.


Inspector Trusty suggested the driver of the Suzuki may have been suffering from delusions of grandeur during the pursuit.


"When they were stopping at lights he was the one revving up. He must have been delirious if he thought he was going to drag [the Lamborghini] off."


The high-end Lamborghini, one of only 60 in Australia, can reach 100kmh in 4.3 seconds and has a top speed of over 300kmh. The Suzuki Swift hits 100/kmh in 10.0 seconds and has a top speed of 190kmh.


Police inquiries are continuing........... :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:



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Nice one, "Delusions of grandur" more like the lamborgini driver thought he was somthin special with his cock extension, so the suzuki drive thought hed put the shits up him


Fookin hate poeple who think their hard in cars. Punched a few wing mirrors in my time(although not proud of the fact) hate people trying to be bullies when their in their cars

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Ditto the wanka wif Cock extension analogy Zed, was mostly what attracted me self to this story & I can completely relate to the "PLIGHT" of the comendable average joe in the "SUZUKI".


Bet Lord snot is his Stallion Mobeele was never once, smug or swaarmy towards the Swift driver...Yeh sure...Hail the little man...As I said before that's 1 for all of us..

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