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Looking For Players Between 30-50 Years To Play Regular Football

Guest richie5aside

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Guest richie5aside



If this is in the wrong forum then please move it.


Let’s get a few things sorted right at the start.

I am not asking for any money.

I am not asking you to join a website

I am not asking you to register with an organisation.

I am not asking you to join a league.


This is not a Spam email, but I will be posting it on as many relevant forums as I can to try and reach as many players who find themselves in the same boat as me.


My name is Richie. I am a 40-year-old Scouser based near Bootle. I am not, or ever have been, a professional player. I’ve played a couple of years at Sunday League level and regular 5-a-side up to a few years back. And that’s all!


I’m not a saddo or a ‘Billy no mates’. It’s just that at my age I find it a real struggle trying to play regular footy with a committed bunch of lads.


Now let me ask you a few questions.


Are you aged between 30 and 50?

Are you frustrated at not being able to play regular football because you can’t find the numbers?

Are most of your mates married, or have hung up their boots or just can’t be bothered to play football on a committed weekly basis?

Would you like to play regular football once a week with a good bunch of lads?


If you answered ‘yes’ to all of those questions then read on.


What I want from you:


A regular commitment to play 5 or 6 a-side football once a week.

A good level of fitness to get you through an hours play - I understand that some of you may not be fit at the moment, but would benefit from regular football so don’t be put off.

I prefer players who pass and respect other team mates rather than the flash ‘Ronaldo’ style players. Greedy players need not apply!

Goalies always welcomed, as this is a hard position to fill and saves on players taking turns in goal.

Do not contact me if you are a bully, or a violent, dirty player, as you will be politely told to get lost!


Interested? Then contact me stating the days and times you would be available to play. Your name. Your age. Where you live. Also state whether you have transport or not.


Please remember that at this stage I do not have any pitches booked and that’s because I need to gather a committed bunch of players together first.


Feel free to copy and paste this request and email it to your friends.


Hope to hear from you soon.





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