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I think we definately can. We are playing with a bit of a swagger now and its all down to confidence. If we carry on that will be 3 out of 4 seasons we have been challenging for europe and i'm made up with that. All we need is a couple of additions to the squad and watch us go next season.

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Sorry to go on about it , but I said in August we will only start to see the real Everton after Xmas. But even I did expect them to be in such good form at this time of the year.


The last three result will also have given the lads a huge boost ahead of the coming game with Liverpool. Our lad will be full of confidence now they have had a few games in which they have scored more than a single goal.


all our midfeilders and forwards are bang on form - McFadden is briming with confidence (could not bringing in a striker in January have been a blessing in disgues?) and I would say Beattie and Arteta are both up there for player of the month award for March. You have to be saying Duncan who at the minute.


We had a good run last before Xmas last season, think it was 6 straight wins (home and away), but there is a lot more to our squad at the moment.


Even though we are a way of finishing 4th this season - I would say the squad we have at the moment is the best we have ever had in the Premiership.

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I think there is a lot to be said for players having to compete for places, it can only benefit all concerned. A few injury worries put behind us and players coming into the form of their lives, the future's bright - the future's blue.





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Its shows how well we are playing when did anyone see (even at the game or on sky) when Everton I think were either 1 nil or 2 nil up and they kept the ball for a few minutes but were trying david beckham style cross field passes.


Think also Osman was being hounded by 3 players and managed to get the ball away from them which started the crowd of cheering everything that we done for the next 5 minutes or so?????

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