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can anyone recommend a site for downloading free movies? i usually use limewire but find it a bit hit and miss. had an unusual incident recently where i sat down with my missus and her mate to watch 'jarheads' which i had just downloaded. got everything ready, arranged the speakers, pulled round the couch, made a pot of tea, hit play AND IT WAS A F**KIN PORNO!! :blink: of course i tried to explain that i had really actually downloaded jarheads, it even was called jarheads for christs sake! anyway it was all a tad embarrassing, and i dont think either of them believed me. anyway, i still have copies if anyone is interested! ;)


so any recommendations anyone?

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If it wasn't an illegal activity to download movies and if I had used Limewire in the past and not been satisfied with it I might have tried Bearshare and found it much faster and more reliable but as it's against the law I couldn't possibly advise anyone to do the same... :P

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