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Anybody got any idea where i can get a free anti virus download from, my AVG will not let me update and keeps telling me my Database is outdated. :huh: Its the free one and i have downloaded it again but am still getting the same problems.

Is there anything similar that i can use. ?? Have already got Spybot search and destroy but i need an Anti Virus. Cheers for any info.


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Thats the one i plumped for Marco, Thanks.


Still getting the same error message with this one also, the Anti spyware and Anti virus are not on, your database might be outdated. AND update failed to materialise, please ensure your parameters are set correctly. WTF IS GOING ON.

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I recommend AVAST the home version is free, I work in IT Support so I know how reliable this is when I build customers PC's


Download can be found here http://www.avast.com/eng/download-avast-home.html obviously you choose the English version


Also what is most important is that you un-install the old one before you install the new one


Let me know if that works for you




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My PC (only one of them, Josh's computer and the laptop are fine) keeps disconnecting from the internet. It's done it occasionally over the year that I've had it and seems to happen more on some sites than others but over the last couple of weeks it happening all the time, almost exclusively on TT <_< .

Nearly every time I go to a new thread or a new page it cuts off and it's getting very annoying....anyone got any ideas?

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No idea Mike, but since i downloaded the latest Mozzila Firefox that Louis recommended i get this everytime i go on Everton TV ...



First of all when i go to Everton TV a message tells me i havent got windows media installed which i have, and then when i click onto a highlight video, or the goals video, it just crashes. Even tried re-installing W Media but it does'nt make it to the web page before it crashes. :angry:

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