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Tsg 1899 Hoffenheim

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I was watching Goalissma last night on ITV and when they were showing the Bundesliga they put up the table. I thought that I hadn't heard of Hoffenhiem before and was going to have a little look around the internet to find out more about them. They deserve to be up there with all the work they've put in and wish them all the best. Bayerm Munich will be hard to hold off but I guess anything can happen.

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I quite like Hoffenhiem, they still bring through alot of youth players which is good, its hard to hold the money thing against them. Afterall the guy giving all the money is not even there owner, he just gives money to help finance the signatures of players. I wish we had some crazy rich guy who would plow money into us... ah well

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They're the German Chelsea.. except the sponsor is local to Hoffenheim.


Hopp has supposedly put in £120m in eighteen years, which is petty cash compared to Abramovich.


Big chunk of that must be paying for their new stadium.


Their current squad cost a total of €29.8m, against Bayern's €114.8m (also less than Wolfsburg, Hamburg, Shalke, Werder Bremen, Leverkusen & Borussia Dortmund) so I think comparisons with Chelsea are a bit wide of the mark.

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