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Valentines Day Gift Ideas


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Right we're all struggling to decide what to get and the misses wont be happy with flowers chocs and a meal, we all know she expects that. We've used up all our ideas at xmas and now we're expected to think a some amazing yet again while accepting we get fuck all!


What she wants is somet that shows a bit of thought and effort. Lets all post some sensilbe ideas in here to see if we can help each other out.


My ideas:


1 - National Trust membership - http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/main/w-tru...ories_costs.htm


just over £60 for a family or couple, shows you want to spend time together and in the summer you can do lots of free things together.


2 - Photo in nice frame, loads a places to get em. A nice picture of when you first met or a special time in a decent frame, can cost from say £20 up she should love it (even though we all know its a shit gift!)


Thats the only ideas right now.


Lets see if we can help each other out and make this year stress free!

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Toffee-Stefan............That picture frame idea!


Cringed when I saw that!...........You see I took it upon myself this year to put up the christmas decorations, wife and kids were out, so I thought I can do that.In a corner of the living room is a small table that housed an arrangement of family photos, small frames, big frames, silver frames ect ect, obviously chosen photos of loved ones, living and past away........Packed them into a plastic bag and put them away........thing is we can't find THAT plastic bag!!


Might just have been somehow thrown out with the christmas rubbish :o ........turned the house upside down about ten times now......and still that bloody table sits there empty, and we're into February!!


I've tried wearing dark glasses B) ....but my wife just knows it was ME that lost them.


For Valentines......could you ALL send MY wife a picture frame....even empty frames would make that bloody table look a little less sad!


Really nice silver ones would be good :rolleyes: ..................At least I'm never going to have to put up christmas decorations EVER again.


Valentines day gifts!, Stefan you romantic devil you!

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