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Hard Working Everton

eddie blue

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i am starting to get fed up with this tag of hard working everton,we are now playing skillfull football all across the park but we do not seem to get the credit we deserve ,yes we do work hard ,so do all the top sides but i would now say we are playing really good entertaining football and i think the team should be recognised by the press we have arteta pienar baines cahill Jô osman etc top class quality footballers who spread the ball around really well i just want people to praise this now and again COYB :D:D:D

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^^^ Yeah, what he said ^^^ In 3 games against RS, and against Arsenal and United I didnt see much pretty football, but from now till end of season i will be disappointed if we dont play some much better stuff. :)


Not to pile on, but I agree. We try to grind out results against the top 4.


We play solid at the back (In fact, we are almost playing with 2 defensive midfielders now that Arteta has a new role), capitalize on set pieces, and rely on other teams to get sloppy. Teams like Manchester United will always be favorites against this because of their patience, but I'd go as far to say we are the best set piece team in the attacking third.


Now yes, we did play some attractive stuff against Bolton. If you didn't notice though, our ability to finish from open play is actually pretty bad, besides Cahill and the Yak. That game should've easily been 5-0 or 6-0 honestly.

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let's not forget that Man U, Arsenal and Liverpool are considered not only some of the best in england, but in the world, and apart from against Manchester United we didn't do bad at all: we were better then liverpool last game (arguable, i know), and definatly better than arsenal.


I think it is an advantage that not every one reckognises our good football, let them underestimate us :)

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the football we played against arsenal was pretty fluent and i think they are quite a decent side


We did do some good pieces of football against Arsenal but I think that the reason for such a good month was down to sheer hard-work. Once the Liverpool game was out of the way we could get back to playing 'naff' teams and this allowed us to play football.


We'll see a lot more skill in the next few games from the whole team (including Jô)

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Not arsed if where not recognised, in fact i wouldnt care if we were forgottenn about as long as we do well and finish in a good place in the league



^^^^^ unfortunately being recognised as a "good" team counts for alot when it comes to getting in new players......


Two sides to it though


Unrecognised - Underestimated, and this helps us to win games

Recognised - Much better quality of players to attract. Moutinhio would come in a flash if we boasted Champions League status.

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