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What is Going on..


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I hate being negative about the club I love - - but what is going on...


I log onto Skysports.com today and the headline news is that Newcastle (Spit) have agreed terms with a young Deportivo striker, tipped to be a sensation.


What is Moyes et al doing?!?! Why are we not signing these types of players - if Souness can scout in spain etc. why can't we - Why can't we do what the skunks did to us and pinch every player that they go in for?!?!


This is driving me crazy! We need a striker and a good left sided player - surely Moyes realises this - but why is nothing being done?!

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We can't afford a £9M to £10M player - never mind the wages that go with such a deal. At that sort of price should already be a sensation, never mind tipped.


I totally agree but the lack of movement in the transfer market is worrying me.


I want to finish top 6 this year but i think that we need a striker and a left sided player.


there must be a plyer in the championship that is a better left-back than pistone or a better left winger than Kilbane - surely there must be!


If we were looking around £7m for Baros then surely Moyes has this amount of funds still available in the coffers. If so - now is the time to use it and sign a goalscorer - even if it is only 10 goals - its better than an striker did last year for us.

Pay £2m for a left back from the championship and £5m for a goalscorer - away we go - come on Moyesy, there HAS got to be someone your interested in.

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I agree that we can not afford this of player but the really thing that is worrying me is that with only a week to go before the window closes (and think even less til the deadline for Euro games) we are still not being linked with anyone.


Now this might be good as it means nothing has been linked but what worries me is that the reason is cos we are not close to signing anyone.


Everybody knows we need some more players (even more so with Beattie injured)


If they are waiting til the return leg against Villareal before bringing anyone in then that will only leave a few days to get everything sorted.


Its gone very very very very quite and its really starting to worry me.


I mean what happened to VDM (did we offer for him and if so did we put in a second offer???)

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Hang on folks. It's a little under 2 weeks until the transfer deadline (August 31st). Once the deadline went for the European CL qualifying game, it seemed obvious that we would wait until we had played the 2nd leg against Villarreal. I am sure that work is going on behind the scenes, but probably with 2 shortlists depending on whether we qualify for CL or the more likely scenario of UEFA Cup.


Also, MOST clubs wait until the last few days before completing moves. The main reason being that if they spend all their money and then get a serious injury to an exsting player on say August 27th, then they can't replace him.


I'm as worried as everyone else, however I simply cannot believe that we won't have 2 or 3 new recuits come August 31st.


We all trust in Moyes. Call me naive, but I also have some faith in Wyness and Kenwright too...

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But I think that the deadline for Cl transfers is before the second leg of the Villareal game which if it is we can't wait to see if we get in as it will be 2 late.


No I might be wrong but thought someone said that the deadline for the CL is about 20 August

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Hooray! TT is back!


Whilst it was away I spent yesterday looking at the 606 forum at BBC Sport. There's a guy on there who insists that Dickson Etuhu is definitely coming to us next week.


There is no news on David Nugent though, although he's a Blue apparently.


Then there's someone who's a Norwich fan saying Ashton's coming to us for £7.5 million. Personally I don't think he's the type of player we are looking for and certainly not at that price, but I could be wrong.


I'm sure we will believe it when we see it.


On another subject I was delighted to see that Bellend is injured already...Hate to say it, but I told you so!

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I am a Dean Ashton fan, but think we missed the boat last summer - We are never going to pay £7.5M for him and neither is anybody else.


I also don't expect much action in the transfer market before we play Villarreal - we will know ofter this game exactly what we have to offer players european football wise (we ain't quit out of it yet), and also how much money we have (the difference between £15M and £3M euro money is huge).


Micheal Owen on loan, may be a possibility (although slight), again will depend on our result agains Villarreal. But I would say our chances mainly depend on if Liverpoolactually want him or not - personnally I think they do no Baros looks to be heading out of the door.


There is also talk of Mark Viduka the other day. I was a bit sceptical to start with, but looking at his goal scoring stats and apart from last year he is a fairly prolific goal scorer. So for £3M may well be worth a punt - particularly as there is not much else around.


Robert Earnshaw is also an option - he is a pacy player and a good finisher - although his all round football game isn't the best.

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viduka for me would be a fair signing - he is lazy (remember Cottee?!?!) - this means that he will want good service to score goals and will 'goal-hang' alot.


Cahill and Arteta are desperate to have a player up front that just wants it to feet and then turns and shoots because he cant be arsed running too far!!!


Could be good - Knock down from dig bunc or sick-note straight to viduka's feet?!


Owen - forget that, its never gonna happen -EVER

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Mark Viduka - do me a favour.


He will not fit into our team - no work ethic, mercenary, sulks, overweight, overpaid has-been. A typical Middlesbrough signing and we certainly don't want their cast-offs.


All this smacks of desperation, I just hope DM is keeping a cool head and knows what he's doing.


If he goes for Ashton I could see us offloading Beattie in January as they are two similar type of players and it's starting to look like we made a mistake with JB.


Nugent is a big risk if we're looking at £3 million - a player who has only played half a season in the League Championship after a couple of years (and only 1 good scoring season) in League 2. Think he needs to spend another season at Preston to prove he's good enough.


I still think Baros is the right man for the job and I'm puzzled why we've not pursued our interest. I'm sure we'd appeal more to him than Villa, unless they've offered stupid wages, which O'Leary did to get Leeds in the mire. Good article by Charlie Nicholas today on skysports.com which sums up my thoughts about the Villa manager - who has to be the most over-rated in the Premiership.

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I'am pi55ed off aswell rowlo , very pi55ed off .


I don't give a sh!T wether we qualify for the CL or not and how much money we will or wont have , if BK is telling truth about releasing funds for a move for Owen ( and to be honest i wouldn't trust that mans word as far as i could throw it ) then surely there is at least 10 million in the kitty to bring in a good striker .


It doesn;t matter if we qualify for the CL now or not because unless we bring in a very good striker to play alongside BT or even to take BT's place and play up front on his own then we won't qualify for the CL again .


Unless we're getting rid of BT i can't see Viduka or Ashton coming to us because they are too similar to him , we need someone with a bit of pace and Bellamy would have been ideal if his attitude didn't stink to high heaven ( yes i was also quite happy to read today that he's already injured , the little deformed fookin troll ) .


I'am just holding onto the hope that there is still something up DM's sleeve and like the deals for Kroldrup and Neville he's just keeping his cards close to his chest .

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