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Atmosphere At Goodison Dying !

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You are correct but it died the season they allocated seat numbers IMO, it means all the lads who want to sing cant get seats together and theres families, small kids and people who dont want to sing sat inbetween all the singers!


The atmosphere is dead these days when i first got my season ticket (94) you never knew who was on the bench because the singing would drown out the speakers in the ground. Seats, Stewards, Police and our current nanny state is slowely destroying the passion in all football grounds :(

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I got my first season in 1994 too and I dont know whether it seemed better cos i was only 8 or whether it was genuinely better. I remember the singing and general happiness around Goodison but now its dead we only seem to be able to create an atmosphere for the Liverpool and Man United games which is sad

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