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Has Neville Filled Carsley's Boots?

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At the start of the season we clearly needed a proper replacement for Carsley in the defensive/holding midfield role. But as the season has progressed, I'd argue that Neville has grown into the role really well. (Hibbert's good form has helped out too)

I've also noticed that a lot of people on here aren't mentioning a def-mid on their transfer wish lists. Whereas earlier in the season it was at the top of almost everybody's lists.


So, are we happy for Nev to become our permanent def-mid and for Moyes to spend the transfer money elsewhere? Or do we need to bring in a fresh face for the role?





(not sure if this should be in this forum, or the rumours forum - move as necessary)

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While Neville is in his element in that position, we have noone else bar Rodwell to cover it. While Rodwell is going to be a great player, I don't think he's ready for week in, week out football at the top level, and with Neville in his early 30's and our luck with injuries, I think a defense mid is still pretty high on everyone's lists. After all, Pip can fill in the RB position if we get a better DM in, and if we just have cover in someone not as effective, we can at least trust Moyes would get someone with more experience than rodwell, who could at least prove a suitable replacement if Neville was unavailable.


That being said I agree there haven't been a lot of cases when he has been unavailable and due to Hibbert and probably Jacobsen being at hand for RB, Nev will probably remain a starting fixture at DM. It took us a while to get used to not having Carsley, and we played for a good few games without anyone taking up that holding midfield mantle, but since Yobo's injury and our strongest defence (Hibbert, Jagielka, Lescott, Baines) coming to light, Neville flourished in the role. So it is 50/50, but at the same time, we need strength in depth, and having another DM certainly wouldn't hurt.

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I remember a post like this earlir in the season. I would actually say this season we do not need a carsley replacement I think between rodwell and pip we have the position covered with both arteta and fellani being cover in extreme circumstances. I actually think pip will be one of those players who will play well into his 30s I also think this season has been by far his best for everton his passing is 100% better. Players like Jags Arteta yak will always get the plaudits but I think Pip could have been a good shout for player of the year. (And I hated him last season)

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also with arteta playin in the centre he was becoming a better ball winner than he previously was. im not sayin hes a carsley replacement just that hes capable of winning the ball and then spreading the play out better. fellaini can play there too he isnt the best at it but hes young also and thats where he learnt his trade at liege. and also we have got castillo if we take him on again maybe? not sure we will but hes always an option for cover when nev aint available

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