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Will The 50% Tax Rate Kill The League?

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The new tax rate of 50% starts in 2010 for those who earn over £150,000 per annum.. in effect this means that wages must increase further for players to receive the same amount that they do now.


How do you see it effecting Everton in the future?

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I don't think it'll have any significant effect. When you look at it and think "50% tax" it sounds a lot but you've got to remember that they're paying 40% already on the majority of their earnings, so the increase in tax burden is 20% (less than that actually but keeping it simple). The vast majority of premier players wouldn't earn more abroad.

I'm sure they'll struggle on :rolleyes: .

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the same happened in belgium a few years back, where foreigners didn't benefit from a considerable taxcut anymore ... initially we lost some foreigners who saw their paycheck cut in half, now everything has settled down ... some clubs overreacted with payraises but that wasn't sustainable.


I think it's absurd that there ever was a different tax system for footballplayers, tbh.

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Isn't the Juniper league full of foreign players who want EU citizenship ?


? .. i'm not aware that we have more non-EU citizens than your average league .. we used to have a lot more under the previous tax scheme because foreign players got the tax cut ..


the people who control football here like to think we're a good introductory league for south american and other talent in search for more glory in bigger leagues in Europe.. I don't think they're just handing out EU citizenship.. Besides if that's what players are after, I think it's easier in a couple of other EU Member States to get EU citizenship than it is in Belgium.

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I always thought Belgium was the easiest because you need to live there for only 2 years and elsewhere it is 5 years?


I'm not that good in immigration law but if I recall correctly it's 2 years only for political refugees.



Anyway you might be right that that is why foreigners come to play in Belgium but I never knew that perception existed. I do think most foreigners would rather not get Belgian nationality out of fear for a call-up to our horrible national team :).

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