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Liverpool Net Losses

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I have been saying that this will happen for over three years, it was a racing certainty once the recession hit. Don't think for one second that the shite will fold as both of the US owners have sufficient assets to cover that debt but what it will do is restrict the Onion in his spending plans and of course all capital expenditure will become very limited, the new ground will be on the back burner for quite sometime. They could sell but I don't think they will they will hang on to what they see as being a prize asset.


Louis: do you know if their planning permission for Stanley Park is time limited, if so why don't we prepare our own plans for that site as our hybrid neighbours will soon realise what life is like in the real world financially when the funds run out B)

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Unfortunately they'll be fine, if their owners go into meltdown then someone will come in and buy the club from them quick as anything :angry: .


I'm not so sure as all the outstanding debts will add to the total cost of purchase and of course the Arabs have invested elsewhere in the meanwhile, as Prof Cannon said on SSN Liverpool have very serious problems

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