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Survey About You And The Toffees

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Talk about you and your club!


The University of Central Lancashire is conducting research into football clubs, and more importantly, football supporters. The questionnaire below (see link) gives you the chance to talk about your relationship to your club, and how important your club is to you.




The survey is itself short and will let us know what is important to you as a football fan.


Thanks in advance to all who decide to complete the questionnaire.



Danny Nuttall

University of Central Lancashire


PS. thanks to Louis for permission to post this thread.

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I've decided to do a survey of football surveyors (with Louis' permission). I'll be contacting you shortly :P .


Seriously that was an interesting one....done.


I'd be glad to answer your queries!


Also glad you enjoyed filling it in and thanks to you both (any any others who have filled it in) for your time, much appreciated.


Everton at home for us, third game of the season, talk about the baptism of fire!

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Done. Interesting. A club is about its history, its values and its sense of family.


Glad you liked it. Thanks.


Complete, good luck next season i somehow think you will need it though in Coyle you have a promising manager im sure your glad he didnt move to Celtic!, the good luck doesnt expand to the 3rd game of the season!!!


Thanks 'scouse', I'm sure we'll need plenty of luck, and goals rather like those we scored in the play offs would be welcome too!

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