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Dave Jones' New Book

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Can always remember a girl at school calling me gay, because I had a Panini sticker on one of my exercise books..........Sticker in question was good old Dave Jones....1977 Everton!


Can't seriously remember having feelings for him :huh:


He could be right about people who use forums!Would be interesting to find out what the members who use this one would do if forums didn't exist!

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Guest efctaxi


Metres dear Louis , metres .

You brought some Sangria home with you didn't you . :D


He was at Everton at the time which will give you an idea of how long ago it was . It would have been late 70's to early 80's , and probably around the time that Liverpool beat Spurs 7-0 .

If we were lucky , he would join in the odd football game as he walked past . For a kid , that was a very fond memory . :)

Don't think he was there particularly long though thinking back .

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Guest efctaxi
ooo Davey Jones...and his little tentacle face and black chest :lol:


lol , you had to dig deep in your locker to find that one . :D


Cheeky monkee . :lol:


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