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Any Gamblers About?


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Thinking about doing the free shirt offer with Paddy Power (place four £10 bets and get a shirt) but I'm not a gambler :) .


Any advice on the best way to (try to) break even? Or even make a couple of quid. Can't bet on anything less than evens or have more than one bet on a single event.

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I do the odd accumulator but dont really gamble much, only ever about £1 at a time.

But i can tell you what i'd bet on if i was to do that. To keep it safer i'd do single bets, may as well play it safe. At least for a few of them.


Looking at the Long List this weekend I would say that some good odds would be:-

- QPR to beat Notts Forest, thats at 11/10.

- St Mirren to be Dundee at 11/10.

- Marseille to beat Rennes at 7/4

- Northampton to beat Bournemouth at 6/4.


They would b what i'd go for. They wont be big winners but i think they are fairly safeish and if you are betting on the back of this shirt offer i'd go for the safest options. maybe do three signle games and an accumulator to mix it up a bit.

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Thanks Jamie but it's a done deal.....gone along those lines anyway...identical in one case :) .


I've got QPR to beat Forest at 11/10.

Coventry to beat Swansea at evens.

Sunderland to beat Blackburn at 11/10.

Birmingham to beat Stoke at 13/10.


One comes in and I've got a cheap shirt (or Josh has more likely). Two and I get a free one....be happy with that.

Even if they all lose it's only cost a fiver because I'd have bought him one anyway :) .


Forest all over QPR according to Final Score :( .

Coventry have missed a penalty....now I remember why I don't bet.....I carry the curse :P .

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