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All Caps Email Lead To Woman's Firing

Sgt Pepper

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Lol @ her getting compensation, all caps emails and using colour fonts are quite possibly THE most annoying things a person can do online.


I despise it. It's sloppy, aggressive and childish and has no place in any sort of work or formal letter.


Can't agree with that. How can letters be aggressive and childish? The content can but to say the font is is ridiculous IMO...it's just font. It's only in recent years with MSN and such that caps have been considered to be shouting or something gay, as far as I'm concerned capital letters serve their purpose, the emphasise a point. As for boldness well that's intended for the same purpose. The colour, well red is traditionally a caution or warning so if it's important instructions I don't see the harm in it. What next, complaining that an email about fire safety was sent round in black Times New Roman italics and someone didn't pay attention to it because it didn't jump off the page ultimately leading to them burning to death in an office fire? I've sent plenty of emails where I've used capitals appropriately and I believe it's been useful, anyone who complains is being a whiny bitch.

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I employed a (relatively) young girl in our sales admin section and had to sack her unfortunately, she basically turned out to be stupid. One of the things she used to do was to use txt speak and when I told her to stop it as it was unprofesional she said that it was faster to type that way. I persevered for a while but gave up in the end


We also have an accountant that underlines words to emphasise points as well as puts them in bold, shes a KNOB

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