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World Cup Prediction League?


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theres a link on bbc wer u ptu in the scored u think wil lhappen and it plots out who plays who etc .... its quite good i think....


but yeh it would be decent this, im putting a bet on a few things at the world cup ..... tevez for the boot, also a couple others in contention for tht, might put a couple on ...and usa to win ;) 100/1 worth a shout theyre highly unerrated

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If I am not mistaken the ratings for FIFA use matches won, with no regard for opposition and the fact tht some teams play a lot more than others and are consequently imo skewed. For example this is a list of recent US results


5/26 US Men 2 Venezuela 0 at Cleveland, OH,

5/23 US Men 0 Morocco 1 at Nashville, TN,

4/11 US Men 1 Jamaica 1 at Cary, NC,

3/22 US Men 1 Germany 4 at Dortmund, Germany,


They are also playing Latvia today, I could not imagine England or others playing 5 matches in the space of two months, (excluding major competition)


The results were not the point it was the volume of games but also the results don't look too impressive, although I don't know the side that they fielded.

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Yes they are above us; 5 places above us!


1 Brazil

2 Czech Republic

3 The Netherlands

4 Mexico

5 USA 

5 Spain

7 Portugal

8 France

9 Argentina

10 England

the fifa rankings are laughable an absolute joke !

mexico there cos they never play decent side ok they beat brazil not to long back but we are much better than 10 !

i think its about time we proved it !!!!!!!!

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