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Please Help Protect Wrexham's Racecourse Ground!

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Hi from Wrexham Fans!


Hope you don’t mind this being posted on your forum as we and "fans united" would love to have your help and support, to sign our petition to protect our ground from any chance of future property development.






Not everyone knows Wrexham's Racecourse ground is ...


"The Oldest International Football Stadium In The World", still in use today.

[Good one to remember for pub quiz night!]


We need your valued support and help. The football club has been sold to a parent company, who are acting as property developer and developing the car park land, the club used to own as an asset into student housing. This by its nature needs to encroach close to the stadium with the result; the kop end standing terrace has been closed down, until the development has been completed. At that stage we understand the Kop end should be rebuilt with the profits from the development.


We have been assured a substantial percentage of the profits from the development will be paid back into Wrexham Football Club, rather than just retained by the property developer. We are hopeful on this, though aware the section 106 guarantee, we were promised would be agreed at planning application, did not materialise and planning permission given irrespective. This has left some concerns and anxiety amongst some of the fans, as this now relies on trust.


For the future and to protect the interests of the fans, and avoid any chance the Racecourse ground could ever be developed on, we are lobbying the Wrexham Borough Councillors to secure the Racecourse as an international football ground and Sports stadium, as a designated reserved matter within the Local Development Plan. LDP. It would then be protected from being sold for any future property development, such as supermarkets or residential flats or their like.


To do this we have a mission to secure 10,500 names on the petition, the current reduced capacity of the Racecourse Ground. We will use this petition to lobby the Wrexham Councillors at the LDP planning hearing in the autumn. The response has been fantastic and in just six weeks, we have secured 7,193 signatures from fans of more than 30 clubs across the UK and even as far as Grampus Eight in Tokyo!


Everton have had some entertaining matches against Wrexham over the years and the Support from the fans on the Toffeetalk forum would be magnificent for us.


This petition has been created by Red Passion, the website community of Wrexham fans who connect up around the world 24 hours a day.


The petition is also in keeping with the policy of the Wrexham Supporters Trust to protect the Racecourse in the LDP.

Thanks !

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Some guys have already signed a petition before (Me included) is this the same one?




Apologise - was not aware a post had already been placed on this site. It is the same petition.

The support of ToffeTalk is a great help to us and we now only need 3,300 more names to reach our final target of 10,500.

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Louis - Thanks for your interest. Yes we are in communication with Wrexham Council, who are fully aware of the petition from the Leader Of the Council, to the Chief Planning Officer, to the Planning Policy Committe, to the Executive board and Democratic Chief Legal Officer. Comments by the Council are being posted in the media. They are being very supportive and have communicated frequently as opposed to the owners of the football club and property development company who continue not to pass comment.


Thanks to the Evertonians for your excellent support. It is greatly appreciated.

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