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Vuvuzela Banned

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I don't know if this has been mentioned anywhere on the site but Everton have become the first North West club to ban the goddam things, thank fook for that. I ain't no killjoy but they are bloody annoying. A sensible decision from our board of directors or whoever made the decision. :D

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Silly to do so in my opinion. Those who take them would be encouraged or discouraged from using them again after a game or so anyway! laugh.gif



Yeah but I would imagine having a vuvuzela shoved up your arse would offend and could incite crowd trouble!


They are the only thing from the World Cup that was more annoying than Capello's team selection so Im fullly behind banning them

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I doubt it, but then again kids probably like them, and would you really want to see a loud of louts booing kids for having em because there ruining the game?


Obviously not booting kids but what about a middle aged man, wearing a Liverpool shirt with 'Carragher and Gerrard True Scousers' emblazoned on the back, carrying and blowing a vuvuzela bedecked with red bunting and a red 'Teddy Bear', I reckon he would deserve a booting. It's a pity I never had my phone, to take a picture, when I witnessed the clown in the pub watching the England/ Serbia game, embarrassing beyond belief.

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