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A rough guide:


Liverpool Chartered Bank £20,000,000

Manchester United AON £20,000,000

Chelsea Samsung Mobile £10,000,000

Tottenham Hotspur Mansion £8,500,000

Manchester City Etihad Airways £8,350,000

Fulham LG £4,000,000

Arsenal Emirates £3,000,000 - part of stadium rights deal

Birmingham City F&C Investments £3,000,000

Everton Chang £2,700,000

Sunderland tombola £2,500,000

Blackburn Rovers Crown Paints £1,700,000

Stoke City Britannia Building Society £1,000,000

Bolton Wanderers 188Bet £750,000

Wigan Athletic 188bet £650,000

Wolverhampton Wanderers sportingbet.com £600,000

West Ham United SBO Bet £400,000

Aston Villa Acorns £0 - free publicity to Acorns


Fulham aside.. it doesn't surprise me.

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why is it, that when i read stuff like that it winds me up. Everton have to be just as attractive as spurs and villa, yet we seem to be light years behind in "sponsership" and "partners"


its the same when i saw that blackburn rovers have a guy wanting to buy them out with 300 millions???

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Can't put my finger on it either.


I've heard people say it's because London and Birmingham population is greater than Liverpool's. But if it was solely local population we wouldn't be sponsored by Chang who took out the contract to enhance their brand in Asia?

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