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West Ham Away 28 Dec


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Going down on the train to Euston early doors - are any others doing the same? Gotta pick me tickets up from West ham box office - where do blues go for a beer round the ground and that?


Not been west ham before so any info would be good



We are driving down early as well, the best place near the ground is the Central on Barking Rd its walking distance from the ground and will be full of Everton fans

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Thanks for the info - you reckon there'll be a few blues on the tube back into London? Not wanting to get in any bother!!


Am I being cynical thinking you are :fishing: for information regarding whereabouts of Everton fans on the 28th. Retribution for the :violent: outside the ground at the last two games, maybe. ;)

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Deffo not mate - sorry - i'm from Warrington and I'm a genuine Everton fan - couldnt get on the supporters coach and had to book train down - our train back to Warrington from Euston is 9 o clock so just finding out if its easy enough to get back after the game.


Same train as me, you might even spot me..................something gives it away. B)

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Can't you just wear a jumper over your everton kit? Or can they spot your background regardless???


Can't believe people will attack others physically based on what football team they follow... not much going on upstairs obviously :lol:.


Thats it, I shall wear my new christmas jumper. It has a lovely wintry design complete with flashing lights on a tree or as Mike said the Italic Beard over my head is the real giveaway. :D

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