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Youth into the 1st Team

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Although we havent bought anyone due to no money being available, do we have the youth team players good enough to step up onto the big stage. Over the years we've saved a bob or two through the likes of Osman, Rooney, Rodwell Anichebe, Vaughan etc coming up through the youth ranks. I'v heard alot of good things about Barkley (before he broke his leg) & I know Garbutt is very good to but is there others / are these guys ready for the 1st team?


With me being exiled fan I dont get to hear as much as the locals on youth players, only what I read on the web/hear from other fans.

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Just reading an article about young players to watch out for, and thought its been a while since one of our youths have stamped a place in the 1st team since Rooney with the main reason being delays in development due to injuries.


Anichebe - Big Duncs replacement in the physio-room. Looked like he'd finally settled in the team before the Nolan horror tackle as well, since, the fans have had time to forget and jump back on his back (not intended as a dig at anyone on here, I moan about him as well).


Vaughan - The unluckiest of the lot. In most peoples eyes was the bigger prospect than Anichebe, league youngest goalscorer and never been able to put a run a games together since. Hopefully next year he'll finally get he'll score a few for Norwich.


Rodwell - Like Anichebe looked the business before picking up another injury, partly down to being rushed back imo. Also starting to suffer from the pressure of the fans.


Gosling - Think Moyes and the medical staff take some blame on this one as well for keeping him on the pitch.


Coleman - probs missed the least games due to injury, but has been dogged by them this season and was very lucky to keep his foot after an infection that delayed his debut. He was very raw on his break through season, and was bigged-up far too much, was always going to fall down from the height and suffer 'second season' syndrome.


Gueye - injuries delayed his break through to the first team, and seems to pick up lots of knocks and niggles. Had been described as Moyes' secret weapon, unfortunately we've only got to see flashes.


Duffy - Nearly died after a freak liver injury (thank God he never).


Barkley - Shocking leg break from an idiot team mate from the shite for England, and dogged with injuries since.


Only player I can think of who hasn't suffered is Baxter, but has probably suffered most from fan expectations, which we have been far too heavy on for those above with the exception Duffy and Gueye.


Anyway what I'm getting at is our we putting too much pressure on the kids preventing them from full-filling their potential or are they simply not as great as we think they are and were putting them on a pedestal? Of course there is the most obvious reason of lady luck simply not smiling down on us, or our staff not looking after them properly?


Not looking for a war just a little discussion, so Anichebe haters and Moyes bummers please keep your pants on. We've already recycled Moyes, Kenwright, BU, and ground topics. This one might as well be discussed before the transfer rumour mill starts spitting out to keep us busy.

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coleman has stalled due to him not bein a winger..he was a nice breath of fresh air at first..but was easily found out..since then he's been next to useless

vic - i gotta agree he was lookin good before that tackle and also had a few glimpses last season..found the net a few times too and got us points by himself..he needs to do it more consistent and i still have faith although it's gettin harder with each passing season

gueye - too soon and too big of a step up..looks to have some talent but could do with a loan imo

duffy - looks the business..big, strong, tall and can shift..looks to have the lot and hopefully can learn off the seniors and be distin's long term replacement

rodwell - was defo rushed back too soon..i have every faith in him to come good and be the player we need in the centre of the park

barkley - not played enough for my likin last season but i trust moyes to do the right thing with him..it was a horrible injury and he needs to be eased back into football

baxter - i just think he's shite to be honest...hopefully an osman like late bloomer though


i don't think there is much pressure at all on them to be honest and the only real expectation is barkley it seems...everyone was really behind him after seein him play a couple of games...most of them will come good but gotta remember they are all very young still(with the exception of coleman maybe) and still have a lot of development time

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99% agree with what Marco said!

Jimmy Carr got the other 1%?


I agree mostly as well, apart from the pressure they are under. With Baxter and Vaughan suffering from the next Rooney, and Rodwell the future England captain/next Rio Ferdinand expectations.

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i'm not sure they are? if anyone really expected baxter to be as good as rooney they were an idiot

Not now, but when they were first breaking through.


according to Ray Hall, manager of the Everton Academy, Baxter was a more complete player at the tender age of sixteen than Rooney ever was.'


A united fan's comment from 2 years ago.


As we all can see berba is not the kind of striker that scores but rather a technical player(assist) that makes passes which leads to important goal. The perfect player that can play up front with rooney and score goals is none other than the next rooney everton youth JOSE BAXTER. GET HIM UNITED"


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jesus...shows how wrong people can be i guess

So true, the comment on Branch is scary

“the most natural goalscorer to emerge from Everton’s ranks for years”. Imagine getting your hopes up and then seeing Michael Branch.

I've still got hope in Baxter being our next Osman, not quite merchandise warrior we crave (or emergency £20 mil asset) but a good addition to the squad.

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