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752nd Post...here's My Intro!


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Well i'm definatley not new. signed up a long while ago and as the title suggests, this is my 752nd post.


I've supported Everton since birth as my dad christened me an Everton fan before i knew what a football was.


I live in Guernsey In the Channel Islands, a lovely little island but not the most exciting place for night life, big name bands, any kind of stuff going on or most importantly getting to see the mighty blues.


a plane ticket to Manchester costs £100 minimum plus the obvious train and hotel expenses.


I work in IT in a finance company (as finance is the only job available in Guernsey!) so feel it is my given right to spend all day on the internet which is why you will see me on here pretty often during the day.


First Everton game I went to was Everton v Leeds at Goodison though i couldn't give you a date (I do have the programme at home so will check) I think it was the year Leeds won the league. A pretty dull 0-0 draw but as we'd all agree, once you've seen your first match with the atmosphere of 40,000 people no matter how poor the game, your hooked.


haven't been to a lot of games, about 5 at Goodison and a few away games here and there in the southern area such as Plymouth, southampton and Portsmouth. I've also seen quite a few bournemouth games as my old man lived there for a bit, good to get back to the smaller stadium's with some proper standing terraces! saw them at wembley at the auto windscreen's final as well!


best moment has to be the Everton v Man U 1995 FA Cup Final which is had the luck and pleassure of going to. somehow my old man managed to get some tickets off of a chelsea board member he knew giving me the best thing an 11 year old could ask for, a live vision of his club running round in front of him with the FA Cup in their hands!!!


just to cut the maths from the above para, i'm 22.


anyway, i only posted this because i was bored the end of a week at work, now it's half 5 i'm just gonna stop and go, if anyone cares to know any more they can ask!


welcome to anyone new, and hi to all the old timers!

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