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Sunday Tv


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Top Gear & Tribe are quality TV programs.


Plus Film4 is free from tonight, chanel 31 on freview but you gota re tune your box to pick it up.




What if you dont have a box, my freeview is integrated into the TV, all i get on channel 31 is The CEEBIES. :(

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Same with the "MEN AND MOTORS" channel 34, used to get some good programmes, but now its just stupid phone-in quiz games all day long. :angry:


If i select autotune, the dvd recorder doesnt come up with the same stations, so if i want to record channel 4 on the TV, the DVD, records a different channel. :angry:

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Ive got sky, but not the movies, checked last night and Lost in Translation was on, hope now that its free we'll get some decent films. I got a letter from sky saying I could get 3 free goes on pay per view films, so I had a look and ive seen most of the one I would watch

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ahh licker you sound like my dad spend an afternoon re-tuning the tv and the video and you will be sorted it's a bit of effort to do in the first place but once it's done once you don't need to mess with it again surely you can move channels once it has been autotuned or fine tune in channel 4 to number 4 later on. On the subject of crap shows Prehistoric Park wtf is that just call it jurassic park and dont even bother hiding your rip off shame. Some idiot walks round jungles pretending he is trying to catch dinosaurs AAaaaaarrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!...... and David Jason how could you do the voice over for this?

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