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Holy Shit Batman


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Our winters just on dusted, near spring.


I rekon there's weird cookin i.e global warming etc mate 2.


Look @ The european summer, then it snows in Sydney.


But the environment is fine isnt it?.



Nowt different to our summner mate, Nice for a week the miserable :(

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but remember it was freezing in this country even in april. there was snow in april in chester FFS. it was only june/july where it was rely hot.



What I meant was that its always been shit weather here. I remember that fookin snow as well :(

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Gota admit I belive I am much healthier now I Live in a country where there is a massive emphasis on out door activity, & the all yr round avg temp of 25 deg c is smashing...unitl it hits mid 40's in summer of course.


But genuinely believe my old brken bones, shoulder, dodgey knees etc are a whole lot better of for it.


Bit of colour in the skin cant hurt either.

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