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Arcade Confession


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i would like to point out that the scores that "I" have on the arcade are in fact, NOT MINE! i would also like to confess that they were in fact done by my better half, and pretty much every other arcade game that has a high score with my name on it will probably be done by her, a round of applause is due for her, and a slap on the face for yours truly :D

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Havent even bothered with the arcade so the gauntlet is thrown down now .


If we had PES5 up there i'd pi55 it but might have a bit of trouble on the other games  :D



bought pes5 on the pc and one of those nifty adaptors that lets you play pc games with a ps2 pad from play.com, they should arrive on tuesday, unless, does the postie work on a bank holiday?im working unfortunately, double time and a day in th'loo for me :D

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