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Rangers After Dm?maybe....

Guest fozzie22

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I heard it on the Radio on the way in to work.


Apparentely McLeish has until December to turn things around and Curbishley is fav to take over on a £2M year contract. However, if curbs doesn't take the job, Ranger will go after DM.


The presenters also stated that DM did go there he would be the first ex Celtic player to ever manage the Gers.


Rangers are skint and not much of a challenge for DM to manage in Scotland, so can't see it myself.

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Its now on the official website - saying that Moyes isnt going

'rangers have not contacted us and nor do we welcome them to' said Big Keith.


Moyes has until 2009 left on his current contract and he has built a decent team that I am sure he will want to see do well...


I cant imagine that Rangers fans would have him - he played for Celtic! :D


It would be like us having Keegan or Souness.

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I don't think Moyes would leave Everton any time soon unless forced.


he seems to enjoy it at the club and has a grounding to push things forward.


For any manager the ideal job has got to be (apart from Chelsea) at a club that have a good history and a lot of fans but need a lot of work and players replacing. while we still don't have the money he could do with we've had a bit and he's had a chance to improve the squad and move us up the league. As any RS would inform us, he's not won us anything though so this has to be a goal, he's got a lot of goals to reach and a lot more work to do but I think he's probably enjoying his job as it is.


realistically would any of you move from any premiership side to a scottish side in championship manager?!?!! EXCATLY!


i'm sure Rangers would love to have him, but it will never happen.

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Guest fozzie22
Moyes going to Rangers don't make me larf .


The stories utter bollox , the only reason DM has got a mention is because he's Scottish .


Lazy journalism yet again and the fact that he played for Celtic wouldn't endear him to the fans either .

i agree its the silly season thats for sure

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