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was about to get serious about qualifying for a PGR3 tournament (which actually used manual gears !).


....then MS released an update for the game (all mandatory), and I get reports about how strict my NAT is, and can't get into the tournament area anymore.



It is a great piece of kit though, in spite of M$ and their world domination attitude.



Waiting for PES6, GTR, and Forza 2.................

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I'am actually contemplating buying a 360 solely because its not coming out on PS2 , in essance i'am toying with the idea of paying upwards of 200 nicker for a game .


Decisions , decisions eh  <_<



Pro evo 6 aint coming out on the ps2 ?????????????

i didnt know that ..... going to be alot of pissed ps2 players !

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It is coming out on the PS2





I hope to christ its true mate , i read in the paper that Xbox360 had sole rights to PES6 and FIFA 07 and it would be 12 months later before either came out on the PS2 .


Can't be doing wihout my fix of PES .


Incidentally me and about 15 mates from work are having a 20 nicker a man PES tournament in ours in about 3 weeks time on the 42 inch plasma .


Gonna be an effin cracker methinks . :D

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