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Howard Kendall Comments...

Guest Kato

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That "legendery" 80's manager of your's Mr Howard Kendall, made a comment somewhere (can't recall were it was?) saying that if it wasn't for LFC getting British teams banned from Europe, then Everton would have been a European superpower in his mind.

Can anymore rediculous a comment come out of this absurd tiny man's mouth than that :lol:

Mr Kendall, on the European front...all you ever won in your 80's "heyday" was a cup winners cup and by goodness...we get reminded enough times about it :lol:

It is of my opinion and and 99.9 per cent of other Kopites opinion, that Everton would not have gone on to win anything else in Europe even if the ban had not have happened.

So stick that in yer pipe and smoke it Mr Kendall :mellow:

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Howard Kendall may make a guest apprearance as well...perhaps as the Mitchell brother's long lost dad or something?

Mind you..he would be suited to that role - coz he is as deluded as what the Mitchell Brothers are :lol:

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